1. avntx -ns-

    avntx -ns- Naked Wanderer

    The map isn't saving, is there a way to save it or is this a bug?
    By the way it saves all the items, but doesnt save the map.
  2. Host 2

    Host 2 Naked Wanderer


    This is a known issue. Currently the save will only happen on time, about five minutes into the launched game/server. After that it stops.
  3. avntx -ns-

    avntx -ns- Naked Wanderer

    I noticed that the actual client-sided save works for their inventory, their location is saved, but all buildings aren't save though.
  4. diegoo.bh

    diegoo.bh Naked Wanderer


    I'm having a BIG problem.

    I started the dedicated, join with another client and start a new The Forest game.

    I just create the building to save and saved the game.
    Exit the game on client.
    Join server again. I can load my previous save. Ok it's working.

    BUT, I closed the dedicated server.
    Openned it again.
    Connect the client.
    The option to Continue disappeared =( Just New Game.

    How to fix it, please?

    And have some way to block the clients create a new game? Just allow continue?

    Thank you very much!!!
  5. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    It doesn't currently work 100%.
  6. nmbrg

    nmbrg Naked Wanderer

    So, when running the server everything seems fine. the dedicated server cmd-window even says its saving from time to time.

    but if i quit the server and start it again. nothing is saved, at all. its a completely fresh server.

    couldnt find any info about this so dont know if this a missing feature? or is there something wrong?
    if there is something wrong. anyone got any ideas?

    i also found out that trying to sleep to switch from night to day isnt working. nothing happens when pressing the button for sleep at the house/"tent".