1. [YNPA] Fake Death

    [YNPA] Fake Death Wood Hoarder

    Searching new webdeveloper then can work with my current template blacklagoongaming.com my current developer backstabbed me dont trust RedZephyr he is unable to finish any webpage and with some anger issues he deleted the full page he finaly blocked after having issues with his Girlfriend i managed to secure the page in current state i need a new template or a fix im offering 125 euro but price can be discussed.

    Kind ReGards
    Black Lagoon Gaming

    webpage www.blacklagoongaming.com

    im searching for a developer but also if possible a developer fgor continue work and changes for a price of course
  2. Lucky Luciano

    Lucky Luciano Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    This "RedZephyr" was the guy who copypast our website and some others aswell. Dosent wonder me that he make a move like this.
    Website developer | Oxide
    Anyways i can recomend:
    Visco | Oxide
    He is my Admin Team makes a pretty good jop. He has also a lot know how. I think sended a pm if not contact him if you still serch.
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  3. [YNPA] Fake Death

    [YNPA] Fake Death Wood Hoarder

    Hi thank you ^^ i already found a developer for now haha i will keep it in mind also i see ur a plugin dev i hire alot of developers for my servers i have arround 10 servers nowand all more then 80% rework or custom made use if u intrested then i keep in contact with u.
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    Status Update Currently got a Developer
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