1. Quicken

    Quicken Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    is there code in OXIDE to support:
    1. Enumeration of items in a player backpack like 50x casino coins, 2x AK-47, etc. also quality would be nice.


    2. remove an item from a player backpack?

    my scenarios I want to support in a plugin are:

    1. charge a fee for a teleport to /sethome or similar commands

    2. look for duping, so periodic admin scan of a player like: /scanplayer <name/id> list items returns a list of items in backpack. I think Coppi's mod based on Allocs' does something like that

    3. charge for /gimmie (need this mod!) the ability to charge something like 5 casino coins to use /gimmie
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  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    You can do pretty much whatever you'd like with 7 Days to Die directly, you don't need code in Oxide to access it and make plugins.
  3. Quicken

    Quicken Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    So I have seen mods like Alloc and Coppi and Server Tools and yes you are right, I thought using Oxide would give me an easy layer, are you saying I don't need to?

    Do you have a CS sample of writing directly to 7DTD like Alloc does?
  4. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Mods like Alloc edit the DLLs directly with manual changes, that is not the point of Oxide.
  5. Quicken

    Quicken Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    ok so that makes sense and so Oxide provides the buffer you make the changes so the mods don't break. the think is Oxide for some reason moves the game from the regular server to the modded server list but Alloc/Coppi/Server tools does not. why is that?
  6. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Oxide provides a framework for plugins to be written in various languages without direct modding. Oxide is a mod, so why shouldn't it be under Modded? The other tools likely should be too if a game has that list.
  7. Quicken

    Quicken Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    I am not disagreeing that it should be on the modded list but I have noticed that servers on the modded list get a lot less traffic/unique visits compared to Rust.

    I assume Oxide behaves like Alloc and interacts via 7DTD DLLs correct? if so why does it move my game listing to the modded list and Alloc does not? I assume Oxide does not tamper with any of the game xml files.
  8. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Because Oxide is a mod. We put servers in the modded tab when a game has a modded tab, because they are modded.
  9. Aribo™

    Aribo™ Naked Wanderer

    Hey Quicken. Just to possible assist in the right direction with 2 of your questions. 1st The xml files within the games directory can be adopted to make your own mods. they dont need to be done within the .dll the xml will do this for you. 2nd I have noticed any server goto modded for using all the mods you mentioned. i too have all 3. The only time server generally moves from Public to modded is when you make changes back-end in the serverconfig.xml itself. or change the standard game config frontend to attributes that are far off from the defaults. using expansion mods for in-game blocks, xui, items and prefabs etc like valmod pack will also move the server to the modded list.

    Also. The feature you mention about removing item from a BP awesome Idea which I have wanted for a while, please let me know if you set this up. It would be a massive time saver due to invaliditems option within servertools once its set ban=true which is very much needed for exploiters and cheats. their are still items that bug with this. cntlockers and adobe corner for example. Then its a case of login into host if not local and changing the xml to false or the player cant get back on. removing the bugged item from the BP would be a million times faster than going through the whole bloody rigmarole every-time. unless its turned off

    Hope this helps. regards. ari
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