1. Oxide 1.18 has been discontinued and is no longer supported. Please do not post requests for Oxide 1.18 plugins or support.
    We recommend upgrading to Oxide 2.0 as able. Plugins can be easily updated to support it as well.
  1. BlackSnow 艾

    BlackSnow 艾 Naked Wanderer

  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    It's not possible to add new items without a client and server mod, and Oxide is only server-side.
  3. BlackSnow 艾

    BlackSnow 艾 Naked Wanderer

    Welp shit, thanks for that atleast :)
  4. AirMax

    AirMax Naked Wanderer

    I've been wanting to create a client mod - but I do not understand how RPC works (