1. Sloxo

    Sloxo Wood Hoarder

    so steam legacy rust died, they removed it. you can put it back in but its dead.

    so everyone is playing cracked now, everyone knows that. i know there's no support for cracked servers, bla bla bla... who cares.

    im just wondering that oxide will remove the LumaEmu.ini since Oxide build 2.0.2622

    2602 does work fine, but if you start the server and have installed a newer version LumaEmu.ini will be deleted and the server is not starting.

    Sooo.... is this intention or not? theres nothing in the changelog about that.
  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    It's intentional, as Oxide doesn't support piracy. Being as Rust Legacy is primarily pirated servers, it's unlikely we'll continue supporting it. We can't account for what changes may be made by other third-party modifications such as LumaEmu or how they may disrupt the server and/or any functionality that Oxide relies on. Using such programs also adds unnecessary support to me and the other moderators, as we have to deal with outdated servers, bugs caused by these programs, etc. that would not happen in legitimate and legal servers.
  3. Sloxo

    Sloxo Wood Hoarder

    well, no one said you guys have to support cracked rust, but putting in a feature which will delete intentional the crack of the server..... cant unterstand that, adding this feature costs you more time it is worth and you did it? lol

    just let the people play what the want, if it works great, if not its not your problem.

    well it doesnt matter anyways, i was just wondering about that thats all. 2602 is working fine still we dont need a newer version for legacy than this.
  4. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    We do, because they come asking for support when something breaks or they can't figure out how to get the cracked server setup with Oxide. It also gives us a little insight into the people that are hiding in the cracks. Hardly costs us any time with this, especially with knowing what is being used upfront; the only time spent is trying to support users causing more issues because of using cracked server variations. ;)
  5. Sloxo

    Sloxo Wood Hoarder

    and you think this will stop now? no one will know that this is intentional, everyone like i will ask and will get the same answer he would get if you dont have added this feature: "cracked is not supported"

    no one says you guys have to support someone, cant unterstand this really, also no one says you have to reply. you do th is for free we dont pay anything for this just ignore this guys without any idea about anything

    well like i said i dont care really
  6. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    We reply as we are here to support the project on the versions of the games we develop it for. This is not a community for piracy discussion and support, regardless if a team member personally replies or not. I never said users would stop posting when they have issues with their pirated setups, but now we can waste less time by seeing the more obvious signs. Not really much different than anti-piracy measures from developers directly, but in our case it allows us to easily see if a user is attempting to use an unsupported server setup.

    This adds to our workload trying to resolve why a user is having issues, because they'll often be outdated due to trying to be compatible with a cracked version of a game and such.
  7. Sloxo

    Sloxo Wood Hoarder

    well like you want, but maybe add a message to it would help much, like if you try to start cracked rust "Oxide does not Support Cracked Versions"

    then this thread for example would not be there. Or if it would be in the changelog.
  8. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Perhaps, but then we wouldn't get to have fun little conversations like this and see all the sneaky users in the community. ;)
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