1. WolfSketch

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    I checked for a little around to see if I can find some people who could setup plugins and help me out because I have 0 nolige based on C#/C++ coding. I do have java knownledge but rust is a game based on C# so I could use some help with plugins.

    Could you help me setup my server with plugins?
    After everything has been setup I am paying 50$ - 100$ for setting up the server with plugins.


    Email: jason.lommelen@hotmail.com
    Discord: #4987 Wolfsketch
    Skype: jasoncoolnr3
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  2. Ryan

    Ryan Master Researcher Plugin Developer

    You don't need coding knowledge to install plugins onto your server.

    Your best bet is just to go with a shared host, NFO, Gameservers.com, etc. Shared, managed hosts provide you with the help and setup you need while also providing you with a server.
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    As I always say to new server owners who ask me to help, start off with a shared and managed server provider, exploit the fuck out of their FREE customer support. Then once you know what you're doing you can move onto a dedicated host such as OVH.
  3. WolfSketch

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    The problem is that I already have a provider but they don't support these things (nitrous-networks.com) so I have to do everything by myself and the server is already paid so I can't really make a new one on a new host so I will have to hire someone to help me out unfortunatly...
  4. Ryan

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    I highly suggest for you to switch your host at the end of your billing cycle.

    Just think about it, moving now will still be cheaper than hiring someone here for $50-$75 ;)
  5. WolfSketch

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    I know but the thing is next year I will learn on school C#, Java coding, HTML & C++ so then I don't need further help. And I would rather hire someone who knows and works with these things and could make me a private plugin if so needed then A host that can't help further if there stuck by themself. ;)
  6. Ryan

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  7. Ichibu

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    Mmm. I can do this, but it's boring work and likely will have tedious overhead to it. (like me asking you what you want, you saying, me explaining that it isnt possible with the plugins available but this is what you can do , you saying oh okay then i want this, etc etc etc)
    I'd do it, but I'd want to negotiate a strict agreement and just so you know, I'd either want at least half pay upfront or I would do the work for you on a server I create first, so you can verify that it's there but not download it, and deliver the files to you on payment.

    You can add me on Steam if you like.

    Steam Community :: Vox ⚚ PlayRust?
    my server : www.raidiation.co.uk/play
  8. Resistance

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    So what is the problem with uploading plugins on your server do you not have ftp access or what way does the host upload the plugins. I will help you and it will be for free but need to know what way your host uploads plugins if you dont know then ask them
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  9. WolfSketch

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    Its fine thank you for the support al. I already paid someone to do this for me. He has finished his work and it looks amazing so far great support in here :)