1. Karltubing

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    Why does my namespace look like this when i try to add a class to Oxide.Plugins?

    "namespace Oxide.Game.ReignOfKings"
  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    I'd need to see what you mean exactly, but your main namespace should be Oxide.Plugins with the main class as your filename.
  3. Karltubing

    Karltubing Scavenger

    Do I double click ReignOfKingsPlugins Then strip it down to "namespace Oxide.Plugins" and start my own?
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    That is what I was trying to do, I added a class to ReignOfKingsPlugin and that is what I got....
    i actually went right back in to modify post ,but it was moved here.
  4. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Example of a universal plugin:


    Example of a Reign of Kings plugin:

  5. Karltubing

    Karltubing Scavenger

    How would someone add each of those as a template to VS 2015 ?
  6. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    I'd recommend Googling that, as there are plenty of results on how to make templates for Visual Studio.
  7. Karltubing

    Karltubing Scavenger

    I double click ReignOfKingsPlugins in ClassView Tab in the Solution Explorer ,then strip down and follow one of the two examples ?
  8. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    I'm not sure what you're looking at, but what I gave you is how a plugin should start.
  9. Karltubing

    Karltubing Scavenger

    That is why I originally posted in in the -

    Solved - Adding references in Visual Studio? | Oxide

    I was following along with how PaiN was trying to -

    "create or move your plugin in the Oxide.Game.Rust/Plugins folder"

    for Rust or ReigOfKings (any oxide game for that matter) . Where you had explained -

    "Double-click on the .sln file in the root."

    This is what I was questioning.......I double click on the Oxide.sln then what? I attempt to "add a class" to either "Oxide.slm/ReignOfKings/Oxide.Plugins: or Oxide.slm/ReignOfKings.
    In which both ways produce -

    "namespace Oxide.Game.ReignOfKings"

    but when I double click "Oxide.slm/ReignOfKings/Oxide.Plugins" i get "namespace Oxide.Plugins" and this I what I was asking about. Is this where you start with one of your 2 examples , Universal or ReignOfKings Plugins?

  10. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    That thread was specific to Rust, but you can see working example of a project for every game here: GitHub - lukespragg/oxide-plugins: Various plugins I've made for the Oxide modding API.

    You do not need to clone the Oxide repo to reference what you need (that's just a more simplistic setup), you could simply point it to the files to reference on your test server if desired.

    I'm not sure what you have named as "Oxide.Plugins", but that should name be named anywhere other than your specific plugin at the top like I had posted previously for the namespace.
  11. Karltubing

    Karltubing Scavenger

    1. -Download a Git client such as GitHub Desktop or SourceTree. -DONE! GitHub

    2. -Clone the repo GitHub - OxideMod/Oxide: Core mod and extensions for the Oxide mod framework.(recommended) or download and extract the latest zip archive.- DONE! Cloned

    3. -Download and install Visual Studio 2015(community is free, but any edition will work) if you do not have it installed already. -DONE! VisualStudio 2015

    4. -Open the Oxide.sln solution file in Visual Studio 2015. -DONE! Oxide.sln (shows all game folders from 7dtd to unturned)

    5. -Build the solution. If you get errors, you’re likely not using the latest Visual Studio 2015 which is required as Oxide uses some C# 6.0 features.- Where? How?!

    this is where I am stuck .....between step 4 and 5 , open Oxide.sln then what?
    So if I want to "create or move your plugin in the Oxide.Game.XXXX/Plugins folder"
    What is the next step? How do I get to where all the cool kids are making plugins?!

    I think we are both talking about Fruit , but you have been talking about Oranges and I have been talking about Apples or I think I am talking about Apples and are really talking about Cold Beer.

    Thanks for the help......and your patience.......hope I don't drive you to become a Patient at the nearest mental hospital.
  12. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Those steps are generally for contributing to Oxide, not for developing plugins. You can add your plugins to that folder, but I have no idea if that still works or not.

    Are you getting any errors?
  13. Karltubing

    Karltubing Scavenger

    Yes I think I have clearly over complicated things and have polluted my folders with failed attempts. I have cleared everything out back to default
  14. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    I'd recommend having a project setup similar to the one I linked, with references setup to where you have a local test server. You can run that test server while you are developing plugins and check their compilation and such on the server console as you save and such too.
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  15. Karltubing

    Karltubing Scavenger

    Where should I go to start developing plugins and to write a ReignOfKings plugins?

    ***************You already answered me while I was posting this*********************