1. OpenFunRus

    OpenFunRus Wood Hoarder Plugin Developer

    Im trying update manualy oxide, but is not work. Server is crashed. Please, give me manual what need and how to update oxide for 7 days to die.
  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    To patch it manually, you'd need to become a bit familiar with the Oxide Patcher (precompiled builds are under the snapshots repo) and IL patching. For 7 Days to Die, you'd also need to use our Undead tool (modified version of the 7 Days to Die Deobfuscator tool) on the main Assembly-CSharp.dll, then rename that patched file to the original file name. After that is done, you'd need to open the .opj project file (assuming you have the right setup and all dependency DLLs) and patch the updated DLL, making sure to adjust any hooks if they changed (this is where IL knowledge comes in).