1. ero.darkmatterg

    ero.darkmatterg Naked Wanderer

    Let me be the first to say I am very excited. Lets roll out some sweet plugins devs!
  2. Gute

    Gute Plugin Developer

    Once you have the API, I think it will start.
  3. killerbee[ca]

    killerbee[ca] Scavenger

    what do you mean by that???
  4. SweetLouHD

    SweetLouHD Plugin Developer

    gonna get a whitelist plugin going here very soon
    similar to my Reign of Kings.

    after that I want to see about making game mods for banning and kicking, no spawning in items.
  5. killerbee[ca]

    killerbee[ca] Scavenger

    any teleport and sethome for h2o?
  6. panimal

    panimal Wood Hoarder

    any RCON for H2O will be great!