1. t3x618

    t3x618 Naked Wanderer

    Hi Ive been testing and brainstorming on my solo only moshpit concept and had an idea for a Solo Only auto kick tool that could be implemented into an Rcon tool or a Plugin. The purpose of which would be to automatically kick Online Alive players based on there Vicinity to Other Online Alive players over a Time period. The Time allotted would have to be well thought out and tested as to still allow for close quarters pvp. I dont have the time or knowledge to accomplish creating such a plugin but would support, donate to, and contribute however, to be able to use such a plugin or Rcon Tool Option<--(prefered).

  2. yannick10012

    yannick10012 Wood Hoarder

  3. t3x618

    t3x618 Naked Wanderer

    Thank You for the suggestion but after reading about plagued i think its a little bit over kill for what im trying to accomplish. In other words theres alot of unneeded bloat in Plagued but its a cool idea.
  4. Razor14150

    Razor14150 Shack Builder

    I think a simplicid idea of Plagued would be cool but I agree that there is tooo much TLC in that addon that keeps me from using it.