1. h0♀A

    h0♀A Naked Wanderer

    how to create item v2 map nullius?
  2. CaptainNebulous

    CaptainNebulous Shack Builder

    I don't think it's finished yet nor available to edit/play on
  3. Grzeniuuu

    Grzeniuuu Scavenger


    Can you add Oxide for Server Hurtworld-Itemv2 ?
    I download last version Oxide but doesnt work for ItemV2.

  4. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    We do not support versions of games that are not released yet.
  5. noah20174

    noah20174 Naked Wanderer

    it wasnt an update for the normal HW version. Remember the last time i checked, i couldn't get the vanilla server to start on itemv2 :(

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  6. 3aBTpaBLLlkoJly

    3aBTpaBLLlkoJly Naked Wanderer

    already оxide for Server Hurtworld-Itemv2 ?