Allows people to use /help to get help info from all plugins

Total Downloads: 15,951 - First Release: Oct 23, 2014 - Last Update: Feb 3, 2017

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  1. Adriok

    Adriok Scavenger

    Ok. Thanks Wulf!
  2. ☺ Tanki ☺

    ☺ Tanki ☺ Wood Hoarder

    Nice plugin but very limited to include all command...
  3. Lund

    Lund Naked Wanderer

    Is there any way to add colored messages?
    I tried something like this
    Code (Text):
            "Shop help: <color=yellow>/help shop</color>",
    But that is not working
  4. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Yes, that would work. Make sure to reload the plugin after.
  5. Alucard 8

    Alucard 8 Naked Wanderer

    hey so been trying to set this up it still shoes my help test in chat but also shows a help text not found along side the text when running the admin help pages can someone smarter look at this xd
    a -
  6. Dream 5

    Dream 5 Shack Builder

    You're finishing statements with a coma. Every line except the last should have a comma. The statement finishes with a bracket and then a comma to tell it to continue to the next command. You can see all your mistakes through a .json checker: JSONLint - The JSON Validator.
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  7. Tony The Tiger

    Tony The Tiger Naked Wanderer

    Running server on Linux, plugin will not compile. Receiving the following error:
    Happens when trying to manually load the plugin, and also when restarting the server it causes all other plugins to fail to compile with the same error.

    As soon as removing the plugins, everything compiles as it should

    **p.s. ignore fauxclip error. i am aware that plugin isn't updated right now.