1. Oxide 1.18 has been discontinued and is no longer supported. Please do not post requests for Oxide 1.18 plugins or support.
    We recommend upgrading to Oxide 2.0 as able. Plugins can be easily updated to support it as well.
  1. davidkunsch7000

    davidkunsch7000 Naked Wanderer

    Can you tell me the code to add items from my inventory to the kit I want to create? I'm thinking of creating a plugin that is allowed to take one kit per player to complete 300 kill! But I wish I had four kind of kits! Ex: kit1: P250 9mm Ammo 250; Kit 2 M4 556 Ammo 250; Kit3 Shotgun Shotgun Shells 100; Kit4 Explosive Charge F1 Grenade;
    More I wanted it to type, it was from my same inventory in the "Kits" plugin plus I could not find the function that does this :( ex I givo the items I want in the kit for min and do / add kit :)!
  2. tugamano

    tugamano Shack Builder Plugin Developer