1. Rebajas

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    Another quick question regarding vending machines - I'd love to know if the status of the broadcast is available in OnToggleVendingBroadcast so I can do a chat broadcast when a machine is made newly available...

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  2. JoeSheep

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    Never done anything with vending machines, but checking the value of the following bool should give you what you want:
    Code (C):

    machine being what ever your VendingMachine parameter is named.
  3. Mughisi

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    `globalBroadcast` is not the broadcasting of the vendingmachine but the actual networking of the object.

    @Rebajas: The VendingMachine has the method `public bool IsBroadcasting()` which you can use to get the broadcasting status of the vendingmachine.
    Code (C#):
    private void OnToggleVendingBroadcast(VendingMachine machine, BasePlayer player)
        bool enabled = machine.IsBroadcasting();
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  4. Rebajas

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    Nice one - worked perfectly... :)