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  1. tugamano

    tugamano Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Any method to know rotation of a character player?
    I tried with this:
    Quaternion rotation = Quaternion.LookRotation(netuser.playerClient.lastKnownPosition);
    But apparently he gives me the rotation of the position and not the personage, So I think it's something like this:
    player.playerClient.rootControllable.GetComponent<Character>().(What should I do here?);

    I have little knowledge on Unity Engine.
  2. Pleskac

    Pleskac Scavenger

    Try this
    Code (Text):
    Quaternion playerRotation = player.playerClient.rootControllable.GetComponent<Character>().eyesRotation;
    Quaternion playerRotation = player.playerClient.rootControllable.GetComponent<Character>().rotation;
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  3. tugamano

    tugamano Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Perfect Pleskac The 2 me works A ++ for you thanks for your help.