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    Where can I download the Oxide server mod?
    • The Oxide server mod files for Rust Legacy can be found on the Download page. Make sure you get Oxide, not Oxide 2!
    How do I install the Oxide server mod?
    How do I uninstall the Oxide server mod?
    • Forcing a Steam update should overwrite the Oxide mod's files, however some GSPs may have specific methods or tools to handle this.
    How do I install plugins on my server?
    Is there any documentation on how to make plugins?
    • Yes, the wiki has the "rust" library documented and all hooks have been listed and briefly described (including arguments, though no classes have been filled in yet).
    Is the Oxide server mod open source?
    • Oxide's core is open source! You can check it out on GitHub and even send a pull request if you have a change you think should be included. Keep in mind that Oxide for Rust Legacy isn't actively being developed anymore, as Oxide 2 for Rust Experimental is replacing it.
    How do I reload a plugin on my server?
    • Using "oxide.reload pluginname" in the server console or RCON will reload the specified plugin; so if you've changed the plugin file then you can call that and the new code will run.
    How do I reload the Oxide core?
    • Using "oxide.reloadcore" in the server console or RCON will reload the oxidecore.lua file if you've updated it.
    Why do I get "Approval Denied" when joining a server?
    • The server you are connecting to is using the Whitelist plugin, and you are not whitelisted. Contact that server's admin for help.
    How do I change the chat name from plugin messages?
    • The default name prefix for chat messages from plugins is "Oxide." Some plugins offer a configuration option to customize this, but most do not. You can however override all chat names easily by using the Chat Name plugin.
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Thread Status:
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