Which plugin type do you use primarily?

  1. C# (filetype .cs)

  2. Lua (filetype .lua)

  3. Python (filetype .py)

  4. JavaScript (filetype .js)

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  1. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    It's been nearly 2 years since Python and JavaScript were implemented by the community per request, but they were never fully adopted. The majority of the developers in our community favor C# due to it being more widely supported and known, which I know is partly because of the lack of documentation on getting started with the scripted languages. We've had a few developers pick up the languages and write a few plugins, but not enough to keep them maintained and supported. Meanwhile, C# support is being somewhat crippled in order for all other plugin languages to be supported, as there are some features in C# that aren't possible while they exist.

    So the question is... how many of you are utilizing one of the languages as your primary source of plugins? I know there are some private plugins out there, but roughly 98% of the public plugins or more are C#, with a sliver of plugins being written in Lua (many slated to be converted to C#) and an even smaller amount in the other languages. We would like to implement analytics in an upcoming build to get a better idea as to what servers are actually using, but I'm not sure when that'll be.

    It'll be unlikely that we'll remove these languages in the current version of Oxide, but they are currently slated for removal in the next major overhaul which will be a bit down the road yet. There are a few issues we'd like to resolve with the C# compiler as well before this as well.
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  2. Cataclysme

    Cataclysme Master Researcher

    C# or Python for me
  3. Austinv900

    Austinv900 Plugin Developer

    What kinda new features would be available once the extra languages are removed?
  4. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Have you made any plugins in Python?

    The ability to have multiple hooks with the same names but different arguments; which plays a bit part with Covalence (universal API). There are also existing features that C# has that others will likely have too such as attributes, extension methods, etc.
  5. Cataclysme

    Cataclysme Master Researcher

    No, i don't make plugin but i know the language Python so if i create plugin now, it's in Python.
    But i see on Oxide 90% of the plugins are in C# so i need to learn C# to have more compatibility for support for example
  6. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    We might be unbundling the JavaScript and Lua extensions to start with. They'll likely be available as a manual, optional install then.
  7. Cataclysme

    Cataclysme Master Researcher

    So remove .lua and .js files id i understand ? And adminspawn for example, complete rewrite?
  8. Alphawar

    Alphawar Plugin Developer

    My only language (relevant to Oxide) is C#.
    This type of feature is really useful as I have used that in my PvX mod:
    Code (C#):
            bool isPvP(ulong _playerID)
            bool isPvP(BasePlayer _player)
            bool isPvP(BaseCombatEntity _BaseCombat)
  9. centran

    centran Naked Wanderer

    How likely will you be removing the other plugin languages(besides C#). I have some Python plugins and wondering if I should re-write them in C#. The plugin is only useful to our particular setup(backend stuf) so that is why it was never released. Also there was already a plugin released that didn't need a bunch of other non-related programs setup.
  10. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    It'll eventually be removed too, likely when the others are actually fully removed. The others are still available, just not bundled in our snapshots.
  11. FlamingMojo

    FlamingMojo Plugin Developer

    While I fully understand dropping languages because of lack of general use, I would myself argue that some languages act as a gateway for programmers to get involved with Oxide. The Oxide Mod has always been my programming haven where I can practise programming Python and get real in-game results. Obviously any plugin that can be written in Python can be written much better optimised with C#, and the limitations of the Python extension means that there's a lot I cannot do with Python. However through Oxide I have learned so much about how to program for games and indeed increased my knowledge of C#.
    I find that due to it's more *ahem* newbie-friendly syntax, Python is a common first language for new programmers, and Oxide is the only real platform I have seen that supports it. I guess it's better to have a handful of experienced C# plugin writers than a hundred newbie Pythoners, but there's a talent pool of people that start with Python and can indeed end up writing in C#.
    Hope this feedback helps and I truly do hope that we can keep a range of languages.

    I think having a diverse selection of languages can help get more people on board with Oxide, and give people a platform to learn how to program for games.
  12. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Probably so, but without anyone to contribute what is needed for them or maintain them to keep up with C# support, there isn't much we can do.
  13. Мизантроп

    Мизантроп Wood Hoarder

    C# (filetype .dll)
  14. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Those already exist, they're called Extensions. ;)
  15. Мизантроп

    Мизантроп Wood Hoarder

    plugin type i use primarily, there is no such option to vote =)
  16. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    This isn't a vote about extensions.
  17. buelldm

    buelldm Scavenger

    I really have to push javascript. I think in general its the best language to gravitate towards. Just for its abilities on the web. So I think there is a lot more inherit value, and therefore interest, in js.

    For example, there are way more js developers than c#. And even though the crossover isnt too hard for a real developer, the entry level is much lower for JS.
  18. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Not sure where they've been hiding out at then. :p
  19. styxxx

    styxxx Naked Wanderer

    Here's one! Apologies for the late arrival. I've only recently gotten interested in writing Oxide plugins. I mostly write JS in my day job, but I'm working on ramping up my C# skills since it seems to be the blessed path. I definitely think I'd be more productive shipping JS plugins (provided there's some documentation, and a road map on work needed to maintain support) but I'll avoid it if support is being dropped.
  20. sacrif

    sacrif Naked Wanderer

    Return to the oxide support Python!!!