1. DraB

    DraB Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    When someone talks in voice this error occurs. I'm using the newest version of Oxide.

    Just for you oxide devs <3
    This error does not seem to affect the server in any way but still spams with red shit in console.. xD

    Code (Text):
    Failed to call hook 'IOnPlayerVoice' on plugin 'RustLegacyCore v2.0.3170' (FieldAccessException: Field `VoiceCom:playerList' is inaccessible from method `Oxide.Game.RustLegacy.RustLegacyCore:IOnPlayerVoice (NetUser)'
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  2. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

    Heard Mughisi got this figured out for ya. Tsk tsk using an old DLL for FShield. :p
  3. DraB

    DraB Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Don't bully me @Wulf :p
    She still shows on the steam server browser so that's all you need to know ;)