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  1. mcnovinho08

    mcnovinho08 Plugin Developer

    Hello, how can I detect the c4 in the structure, even if it does not take damage.
  2. ice cold

    ice cold Scavenger

    how do you mean
  3. #KodakPlay!!!

    #KodakPlay!!! Plugin Developer

    Code (Text):
     void CheckPositionExplosive(DeployableObject deployedEntity, IDeployableItem deployableItem){
                if(Vector3.Distance(deployedEntity.transform.position < + 5f)
                    deployableItem.character.GetComponent<Inventory>().AddItemAmount(deployableItem.datablock, 1);
    Code (Text):
    void OnItemDeployed(DeployableObject component, IDeployableItem item){
                         cachedCollider = cachedhitInstance.physicalColliderReferenceOnly;
                         if (cachedCollider == null) return null;
                         if (!(cachedCollider.gameObject.name.Contains("Wall"))) return null;
                         if(deployedEntity.GetComponent<TimedExplosive>() || deployedEntity.GetComponent<TimedGrenade>())
                               timer.Once(0.2f, () => CheckPositionExplosive(deployedEntity, deployableItem));
    Is this what you wanted?
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