1. Colon Blow

    Colon Blow Airdrop Stalker Plugin Developer

    Seems I finally got creative mode to work, but only for the Server Host Player.
    Kinda cool for building a ton of stuff real fast. But downside is you have to run
    server without batchmode and nographics, then the Host player can build whatever they
    want without resources.

    From what I can tell, most of my plugins only effect Server Host Player only, (god mode, damage mods.. etc) and idea on all players? Maybe a limitation of not having a dedicated server ? still fun though. Anyone working on stuff for this game? I know its super early Alpha still.
  2. CatchySleet

    CatchySleet Naked Wanderer

    Can you post step by step instructions on how you got it to Creative Mode so that others know how you did it?
  3. Colon Blow

    Colon Blow Airdrop Stalker Plugin Developer

    ok, its been a while since I played it. I'll set it all back up and try to post a quick how to. :)
  4. Freaky

    Freaky Shack Builder

    So? Ceative Mode? where is it? :D