1. Alex_Wells

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    Hey! I've found VisualCupboard plugin and I like the idea, but realization is quite poor. So I've rewritten it and now I'm stuck with adding an object visible only for one player - command caller. So here's a part of code I've stolen from original plugin:

    Code (Text):
    class ToolCupboardSphere : MonoBehaviour
            BaseEntity sphere;
            BaseEntity entity;

            Vector3 pos = new Vector3(0, 0, 0);
            Quaternion rot = new Quaternion();
            string strPrefab = "assets/prefabs/visualization/sphere.prefab";

            void Awake()
                entity = GetComponent<BaseEntity>();
                sphere = GameManager.server.CreateEntity(strPrefab, pos, rot);
                SphereEntity ball = sphere.GetComponent<SphereEntity>();
                ball.currentRadius = 1f;
                ball.lerpRadius = 2.0f * VisualCupboards.cupboardRadius;
                ball.lerpSpeed = 100f;

                sphere.SetParent(entity, "");

            void OnDestroy()
                if (sphere == null) return;
    And now I need to make it visible for command caller only.
  2. JoeSheep

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    You may wish to make use of the CanNetworkTo hook to check if that sphere should be networking with the player it is trying to.
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  3. Colon Blow

    Colon Blow Airdrop Stalker Plugin Developer

    yes, JoeSheep is correct, the CanNetworkTo hook is what you need.

    But I will have a new version of VisualCupboard after tomorrows update that does include this very feature :)
    I know a lot of players have been asking for only the owner of cupboard to see the spheres. its something I have been slowly working on.
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  4. JoeSheep

    JoeSheep Master Researcher Plugin Developer

    I look forward to that :)
  5. Alex_Wells

    Alex_Wells Naked Wanderer

    Yea, that would be cool, but I've also rewritten the code and /showsphere + /killsphere commands to single command: /cupboards <delay 3-60>, which toggles them and no more /killsphere.
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    Thanks =)
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