1. 1Gunnar1(Temujin)

    1Gunnar1(Temujin) Naked Wanderer

    Anybody know where the config to change the starter items is? I remember chaning it in the past, but i cannot rememeber what i did.
  2. Bl4ckSkull666

    Bl4ckSkull666 Naked Wanderer

    I think u have do it in the PlayerFirstSpawnEvent. Check if the player the first time on the server. Is he the first time on the server than remove all having items from Inventory and add the new items. same u can do in PlayerRespawnEvent for Death spawn.
  3. D-Kay

    D-Kay Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    The items you spawn with?
    Go to the Blueprints.cfg in the Mods folder on your server (if the file doesn't exist copy the default one and change the name to Blueprints.cfg).
    In there you can set the StartAmount of items. This is with how many of that item a player spawns.