1. MonkeY12

    MonkeY12 Naked Wanderer


    Recently I noticed that when the message appeared about Building Decay (5s) my server crashes on 10-60s.
    Any solution to this problem?

    My autoexec.cfg
    Code (Text):
    structuredecayenabled 0
    structuredecayfrequency 1200000
    loadbalancerframebudget 100
    structurecomplexitylimit 0 100000
    chatdeathmessagesenabled 0
    sleepernames 1
  2. Pim.Moeskops

    Pim.Moeskops Naked Wanderer

    Hello @MonkeY12,

    That is not the in-game decay, that's the decay from AutoClean for Hurtworld | Oxide.
    This one has the message: "Building Decay updating in 5 seconds."
    Try reloading/updating this plugin, if the server keeps crashing you should ask for help in the support section from AutoClean.
  3. CaptainNebulous

    CaptainNebulous Wood Hoarder

    As Pim said that's from autoclean. It should only be lagging if you're using an old version. The new version auto-prunes and does not lag anymore.