BoxJocks host blows lol

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    just got a server as a test performance wise there okay mediocre
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    This is Brian from BoxJocks, I'm sorry to hear that you are not liking your Server you got from us. We try and give the best support and service to all our customers. If there anything we can do to make it up to you please send us an email or submit a ticket on our site. I'll make sure to personally take care of it and make sure it gets done.

    Want to thank you for the feedback as no one gets better with our hard feedback. Hope to hear from you soon, have a great day.

    - Brian
    CEO & Founder of BoxJocks
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    Except that it was intentionally deceptive and you claimed to be someone who just stumbled upon the website.
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    maybe a MPD problem (Multiple Personality Disorder) :p

    I must try
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    Yes come on down and try for yourself =)