Chat Filter based on keywords for BetterChat

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  1. jemes.

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    jemes. submitted a new resource:

    BetterChatFilter - Chat Filter based on keywords for BetterChat

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  2. jemes.

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  3. CaseMan

    CaseMan Naked Wanderer

    This is good idea! I will test this! Can you add mute option?
  4. Wulf

    Wulf Community Admin Community Admin Oxide Developer

  5. CaseMan

    CaseMan Naked Wanderer

    I just mean that if use bad words - auto mute with BetterChatMute. For example, after three messages with bad words, give the mute for 5 minutes
  6. CaseMan

    CaseMan Naked Wanderer

    When use "reload BetterChatFilter" that reload "BetterChat" too
  7. jemes.

    jemes. Shack Builder

    Yep that can be done, I'll look into it :)
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  8. barcos

    barcos Scavenger

    Please make, make, run for betterchat versions 4.2.12

    Is that with the last versions do not support the clans.

  9. jemes.

    jemes. Shack Builder

    Your version of BetterChat should have the filter built in, this version is for v5 of BetterChat and above since things changed quite a bit internally :)
  10. D3NNY

    D3NNY Scavenger


    can you implement that Feature to Automute a Player who is writing one of the Worfilter listed Words, please?

    I would like to make a Donation for this.
  11. iShot

    iShot Scavenger

    @jemes. Would you be interested in coding an ignore extension for the betterchat plugin? I'm willing to buy you a few beers for it :)
  12. srtzero

    srtzero Wood Hoarder

    Feature Request: Would it be possible to add any type of checking to the word filter. Right now its super easy to get around it. For example if I filter the word "damn" it would also filter if users tried writing it as d.a.m.n or d@mn or any combinations.
  13. jemes.

    jemes. Shack Builder

    Sure I've already started work on it :)

    This one actually needs support from the ignore plugin if you're using the existing one. I can try and build it from scratch though, it just might take a bit of time!

    Definitely, I'll add support for Regex and make it work with the substitutions :)
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  14. srtzero

    srtzero Wood Hoarder

    Thank you.
  15. Topotun

    Topotun Scavenger

    with impatience we wait! this is a very useful feature! thank you
  16. sanchesster

    sanchesster Scavenger

    Don't filter and put errors in console:
    Code (Text):
    Failed to call hook 'OnBetterChat' on plugin 'BetterChatFilter v1.0.1' (InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type.)
  17. jemes.

    jemes. Shack Builder

    Update to version v5 of Better Chat and above :)
  18. sanchesster

    sanchesster Scavenger

    Yes, I am "Better Chat" (5.0.5) by LaserHydra (0.68s)
    Code (Text):
    Failed to call hook 'OnBetterChat' on plugin 'BetterChatFilter v1.0.1' (InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type.)
    Maybe it happens because players use Russian characters in chat?

    UPD. After update to Version 5.0.11 all work )
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  19. GLasiore

    GLasiore Scavenger

    Did u add auto mute opition jemes. ?
  20. D3NNY

    D3NNY Scavenger

    I'm interested too, and he said he started working on it - but its not updated yet :p