1. skyx700

    skyx700 Naked Wanderer

    I would definitely start renting a server from here if i could afford it.
  2. SubtleSara

    SubtleSara Wood Hoarder

    Just to recap my server host experiences, Gameservers = GIANT NOPE DON'T NEVER EVER.

    SurvivalServers = meh, support takes too long to reply (up to 12 hours), doesn't have machines to meet my needs, otherwise an OK service, just not for me.

    Am going with NFO now, free 2 day trial, 2 minute reply from support, a nice control panel for noob and experienced owners alike, Dual Intel Xeon E5-2667v3 (Haswell 3.2ghz) node with 16 total processor cores and 128 gigabytes of RAM can run almost 70 plugins without crashing or lag for $50 a month. A little spendy, but for what I've been through with other hosts, it's worth it.
  3. Kappasaurus

    Kappasaurus Airdrop Stalker Plugin Developer

    Can you link me this NFO server with 128gb of ram for $50/mo?
  4. SubtleSara

    SubtleSara Wood Hoarder

  5. odies

    odies Naked Wanderer

    Soyoustast is a s*uck! Servers with many problems, support too s*ck. Moved on Game servers | Dedicated Servers - OVH
    Yes, price is hight, but never lag, access to firewall settings, top hardware. I'm use i7 7600K, 64 GB RAM, 480 GB SSD. It's best of my choise, after 13 game server provides
  6. SubtleSara

    SubtleSara Wood Hoarder

    13 game server providers?!?! Holy crap. You been with NFO yet? Curious for any input about them.
  7. Mitchel-256

    Mitchel-256 Naked Wanderer

    Currently, Nitrous Networks isn't giving me a hard time, even though the control panel is pretty basic.

    I would also like to personally eternally condemn ViLayer to hell. Terrible customer service, no way to contact them, and I tried to shut down a Gmod server with them around half a year ago, but they never, ever responded. I eventually had to find a way to completely cut off their access to billing me on PayPal, and I have around $200 with them in credit that I'll never get back, which is basically just money they overcharged me, and they're offering to let it pay for my servers, even though they still charged more each billing cycle.

    They're greedy, slow, and awful. Do not recommend.
  8. lew

    lew Naked Wanderer

    We're pretty new to the rust hosting scene but we're pretty confident we can sort out a solid hosting environment for any variation of rust servers, check our rust servers here if you're interested... Shoot me an email at lewis@crident.com if you'd like a little trial period :)

    HEXIAOCHUAN Scavenger

    how about aws... or azure?
  10. barcos

    barcos Scavenger

    Rustserver.es test they have options to measure and have them in Spain and in Europe and are dedicated
  11. Devander

    Devander Scavenger

    Survival Servers currently has an issue with all of their Rust servers that you can't use skins, been that way for months, so be careful going with them for now!