1. Mr. Jingles 2.0

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    Can't say enough good stuff about hosthavoc.com...$9/month for a 50-slot server, located right here in town, and their tech support has been fantastic. Highly recommend.
  2. My Name is Jeff

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    I think Streamline servers is a bit of Money but they are worth it. Also Serenity Servers is pretty good for the money if you want a cheaper option.
  3. Pascalqc

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    Using Hosthavoc too. Montreal server, works great. Very good tech support.
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  4. Kappasaurus

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    This post is a year old, I think he took care of it. :p

    =S2N=BURNOUT Naked Wanderer

    Check out server4you.com
  6. kindnuguz

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    Honestly, I am glad people have commented on this lately.. There should be a sticky for this in one of the threads.. Maybe in Rust? Because this is more or less aimed at Rust..

    I am currently looking for a host, but it's a tuff one..
    Plus how much RAM do these companies allocate to these said servers?

    Streamline ended up being close to the same price as OVH so Streamline to me seems null and void... As I do not want a "Admin panel"..
    I have my own server setup at home on my own machine for testing and I have all my files and plug-ins ready to copy over and get going but finding a host is very tuff.. Plus I know how to do all the updates and installs for the server so I really don't need or want Customer Support for this server..

    It's looking like $80 -$100 a month is where the price is to pay for a good performing Rust server?.. ( Would love to pay around $40 USD )
    DDOS protection is the most important... Then RAM then SSD then CPU...
    Windows OS , 10GB min RAM, any SSD, and CPU don't matter to much but still 3.0Ghz preferred.. West coast USA preferred also..

    After all this is said. Anyone have any suggestions? Also do you have a server running I can play on to see how it runs?

    Thanks to anyone that responds.. ( maybe I am to picky )
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  7. What's the difference between Rust and Rust (with all optional updates)?
  8. Kappasaurus

    Kappasaurus Shotgun Ace Plugin Developer

    Dedicated Servers and Web Hosting New York is in that price range.
  9. kindnuguz

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    All the other updates between Thursday's.. Meaning, like this last week. Facepunch released the Thursday update but then Sunday/Monday they released another patch.. Most of the time it will be a client only update but sometimes it's server side as well.

    NFO will then update the server again for you if you choose "Rust ( with optional updates )".. If you choose the regular Rust the server will not get updated until the next Thursday.. (Someone correct me if I am wrong)

    To me there should only be one option. Rust ( with optional updates ).
    But maybe this is a way for them to not update all the servers? and decrease the workload? Idk.. Just guessing here..
  10. Canopy Sheep

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    I don't remember when exactly this happened, but I believe they added that option after a security update was released (that was optional to servers). The only different I've noticed between the two is the optional updates package comes about 30-60 minutes quicker than the regular Rust package.
  11. Brko™

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    I know its kinda outdated here, and I know there are other posts arround, but all are outdated and dont provide info that I am looking for. Well I am preparing to run another rust server. Problem is I want to make it at a different Host that I am using now. So I was looking on vilayer servers, they offer the gaming layer rust, my question is if anybody haves expiriences with this and if RUSt will run smooth there with 60-70 plugins (Oxide will be used) with Highest priority for the server. I love the price that they offer for it. My other question is, about dedicated box, For sure dedi will be better but as I am looking on some old post arround about vilayer, the are now offering kinda different servers. So better would be xeon or i7 core? Also what about those virtual dedi boxes? its like some sort of VPS? And ofcourse if you are still able to point me maybe to some other hosts (trust me I vent trough all that were typed arround here), prior is power/stable server with hosting in EU - especial central europe - mostly Czech Republik. Thanks alot if anybody will reply with their expirience.
  12. buelldm

    buelldm Scavenger

    I use OVH, I have the 4$ vps from them and it works perfect.

    But they offer ZERO software support.

    But for 4$ cad? can't beat that anywhere.

    Using the linux game manager, I installed it pretty quick. Took a few tries as a first time game server host, but if you know SSH you will be fine. If you don't know SSH, do not use OVH.
  13. StreetDog

    StreetDog Shack Builder


    NOT TO HIRE HAVOC servers

    Me and some friends, had several problems using that service.
    Thay said that OXIDE have problems/bug/issues ... then you can not connect RCON, you can not send Oxide commands, and they said: "We offer a stable Rust server, Oxide is not part of our service, is just an addon"...
    then if you plan to use oxide in their servers, its like a Pandora box, they have that problem and can not found a solution and you can expect anything !
  14. buelldm

    buelldm Scavenger

    If you want something done right, gotta do it yourself.
  15. StreetDog

    StreetDog Shack Builder

    what you mean?
    I need to go to HAVOC datacenter and fire the person in charge of their configurations?
  16. buelldm

    buelldm Scavenger

    yeah... or rent a barebones server and set it up yourself is more of what I meant.

    Get the 4$ OVH server, and you have full control over everything. I set mine up last weekend and has been running fine, doesnt crash or lag.

    And my cpu average is 0.4 which is on a single core cpu.
  17. yannick10012

    yannick10012 Shack Builder

    If you still need help with the linux server i'm happy to help, I had the struggle to but best is to just skip all the game-host companies and rent a dedicated server. (Or vps which is cheaper but also has less performance)

    HEXIAOCHUAN Scavenger

    AWS is the best. The most price efficient, and the most configurable.
  19. mkiessli

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    We provide dedicated servers, DDOS protected in a data center in Dallas. We do pre-configure Rust, vanilla and oxide. The servers are optimized for games like rust and others. 1 GB ethernet un metered bandwidth. DDOS comes as a standard feature. The servers beyond that are un managed meaning you are responsible for any additional setups. Windows and Linux flavors are available. Message me for details. Price is around 100$ monthly, depending on your configuration. They are Intel based servers, drives are eSata and or SSD (Your choice), 8, 16 or more ram (up to (96GB) depending on your needs. If you want to see it in action the Animal House Rust server is a public server running on the basic setup in the same data center. is the IP or find us in the modded server list under "AH".

    HEXIAOCHUAN Scavenger

    1 GB or 1 Gb ?
    Is there a minimal limit like 16GB RAM that you serve?