1. Oxide for Rust Legacy has been discontinued and is no longer supported. No updates or additions will be made, and Rust Legacy-specific plugin submissions will no longer be accepted. We recommend upgrading to the latest version of Rust as able.
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  1. PreFiX

    PreFiX Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Try to run your plugin on more populated server like 40-60. When there aren't many players online it won't consume much CPU. :)
  2. copper

    copper Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    time will tell :) ,it should not tho many other plugins on a normal server do far more than what this does ,but it should regardless consume less or the same amount of power as the R-AntiCheat .
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 1, 2016 ---
    in any-case i will run it through more vigorous testing and it will be placed on a highly populated server before initial release is granted so if there turns out to be an issue i will optimize it :). also if you look at the two videos you will see that the silent Aim methods are not the same if you look at the vid with the highlight you will notice that the method have been improved greatly it being 5x faster .
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2016
  3. copper

    copper Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    C-AntiCheat Change Log
    Note: for any of you bro's planning on getting this it may cause issues if this plugin is used with R-AntiCheat but if you guys want to use them together consider turning off some of the methods that get entangled :).

    1. Added Anti Speed Hack
    2.Added AntiTeleport /NoClip hack(for private hacks not using the Nan Method which oxide detects)
    3. Added Ant Super Jump
    4. Added Anti Fly Hack
    5. Added Anti Blue print unlocker
    6. changed Anti Aimbot method
    7.All Handlers for players have been added to one Dynamic Player handler to prevent Lag :)
    8.Optimized methods
    9,. Added Anti Wall Hack Ceiling hack or anything of the sort
    10. Added Anti Sleeping bag entity hack( works on all entities)
    11. Added Anti Over Kill
    12. Changed NoRecoil method
    13. Improved Silent Aim method
    14.Added Anti Wall hack bullets
    15. Added Anti Nofall
    16. Added Anti Hack Menu(In Development)
    17. Added Anti Food Hack
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2016
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  4. Gute

    Gute Shack Builder Plugin Developer

  5. PreFiX

    PreFiX Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    I'm enviuos for that guy that he is not lazy as me.
  6. guilherme911ca

    guilherme911ca Scavenger

    Me too!
    Only one thing is missing
    Ceiling Hack/Glitch
  7. Gute

    Gute Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    beautiful detail
  8. [KFL]ArchAngel

    [KFL]ArchAngel Scavenger

    Just wondering does anyone know which hack uses the broken legs command where all the players in the hackers radar legs brake?. Don't worry i don't want the hacks its just for Copper so he can add it to the C-Anticheat.
  9. copper

    copper Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    its in with Wall hack :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 19, 2016 ---
    guess i should have given more there haha .....
  10. panimal

    panimal Wood Hoarder

    men please share that! all here we thank you.
  11. arman_motevalian

    arman_motevalian Scavenger

    Hello !

    can you please send me this plugin ?
  12. My Name is Jeff

    My Name is Jeff Wood Hoarder

    Is the Plugin ready yet? I am so excited for it.
  13. [KFL]ArchAngel

    [KFL]ArchAngel Scavenger

    Not yet, Copper has to fix a few things which will probably take a few hours or even minutes but he has beed offline for a week now so I'm not too sure.
  14. xandy3_sjb

    xandy3_sjb Scavenger

    I can help if you want, send the problem in my skype: deathofrust
  15. [KFL]ArchAngel

    [KFL]ArchAngel Scavenger

    I believe this project has been abandoned because Copper has been offline for several weeks.
  16. panimal

    panimal Wood Hoarder

    Copperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wake up!
  17. Gute

    Gute Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Not quite simple ...
  18. PreFiX

    PreFiX Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    I hope he won't share the plugin :D
  19. Black Lotus

    Black Lotus Scavenger

    ya make a 1.18 cut of this and i'd love you forever
  20. copper

    copper Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    kk now Results from our cracked server it had upto 60 -players on currently and these are results

    Updates for Handler: Dynamc handler methods have now being updated to the new Multi-Threading-Dynamic Handler's to handle all the players with this your server wont have to manage all 60 Handlers for 60 players as the dynamic handler is capable of spliting that load in half or even a third managing all the PlayerClients with less load meaning less lag :D.

    Load : with Dynamic Handling it is capable of handling high populated servers well no lag bans noted yet :D ,

    AntiAimbot results: all Hack tests seem to work well AntiAimbot has been re-tweaked and ban's is seen to be a 100% acurate.

    Anti-Silent-Aim results : all detection's for this should be a 100% it works alot better than previously anticipated

    Anti-Speed-Hack results: works nicely did pose an issue at initial release as the instances for each player-client was different but is patched now as i localized all the instances

    Anti Super-Jump results : works Greatly detection's for this are usually a 100%

    Anti Fly-Hack results: works Greatly the individual will get banned once enabled without even moving ;)

    Anti No-recoil results: tests are still being ran ont his one but all in all it works well :D

    Anti-Overkill results: for those of you aware of my HBR plugin which used AntiOverkill entities this has being entegrated into the CAntiCheat plugin

    Anti-Wall -Hack results only a few deflections seen.

    Anti-Metabolism results: No hack detection's noted not surprising not many hackers have access to such hacks as those are normally private and paid.

    Anti Teleport results: results remain constant with Anti-Meta.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 14, 2016 ---
    Tests are still being ran but results are promising.