BASKET OF DOOM Naked Wanderer

    I'm trying to figure out how to make custom armor and weapons. I know you cant change the appearance of them or anything, but is it possible to maybe copy for example the leather boot blueprint and then just change the speed variable for instance so you can have regular boots and then speed boost boots?

    If anybody needs any more clarification of what im talking about, please let me know!

  2. Zer0limit

    Zer0limit Naked Wanderer

    Hey Basket! We cannot change the skins of the items in the game but what you can do is go into the blueprints and give a negative number value in the area that decreases speed. Then if you want those boots to have special crafting needs you can edit that there a few lines of code up or down. Be careful not to make it too fast because people can kill themselves. Also know it will apply to all of that same item.
  3. juk3b0x

    juk3b0x Wood Hoarder Plugin Developer

    you did not quite listen to him,
    he wants 2 kinds of leather boots.

    just making leather boots usual and let fern shoes make you like 20 % is easy.

    i was already looking or a way to accomplish such things, beacuase i wanna add custom items too.