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    Over the years we've seen a lot of plugins abandoned and are now no longer maintained by the original author and left for dead. We understand your frustration! I know I've had my hands full with fixing some of these and refactoring various plugins the past few weeks, and I'm sure I'll have plenty more to do in the coming weeks. Keep in mind that the majority of developers here take the time to make these plugins without expecting anything in return or charging for them. Working for free is hard, so if you'd like to keep these guys around around, make sure give back!

    A lot of the breakage happens when something changes in one of the games that a plugin uses directly, which in some cases they can use Oxide's API instead. I do confess that some breakage has been from changes to Oxide, which I apologize for, but we generally try to prevent this from happening with deprecation (warning and removal after X time). Some changes in Oxide have to be made though for the sake of development and progress toward our universal API (Covalence) as well as getting old old old code overhauled, cleaned up, and replaced as necessary.

    While I've been keeping a private list of plugins that I intend to fix/update if someone else doesn't request to manage it first, I figured it'd be better put it out there for other developers to easily find and give a hand as able and willing. If you're interested in taking one of these over or know of another plugin that should be added to the list, please let me know by posting here. Please do not request plugins that are still have activity from the current developer of it, instead request a fix on the plugin's support thread.

    Port to Universal
    Reign of Kings
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  2. CaptainNebulous

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    For Hurtworld :

    ** All these plugins need general updates, but I tried to include a few specifics in parenthesis - based on my recent experiences with them. Also any plugin which does not include a cooldown timer probably should get one, as players can spam these to create server lag **

    EconomyBanks (hasn't worked properly in months and was exploitable last time it was working properly)

    Hurtstore (hasn't worked properly in months and was exploitable, automatic price adjustment started but never finished... original formula was easily exploitable... creator was attempting fix but never fixed)

    AutoClean (Cleans out shacks and items within shacks, does not carry over # of checks through server restarts)

    CustomWipe (never really worked properly to begin with, does not seem to save all the desired cells and sometimes none at all)

    WelcomeMessages (me and a friend who knows more about these attempted to fix, for some reason what should be a simple fix hasn't worked)

    Sleepers (Some people's loot is lost at times, even if it hasn't been looted... even when using the plugin's loot save feature. Overall this plugin could use a bit of an overhaul to be made less of a pain/less buggy in general)

    Livemap IO (still seems to produce too much lag to be used in a populated server.)

    Stacksize (in addition to being updated to include new items, its default values need to be fixed)

    Lootchests (has become buggier over time, choosing for it to drop more than one item either doesn't work at all or always drops the same item in the last slot)

    Killcounter (I have not had as major issues with this as some others have, however it does need compatibility added for customdeathmessages and default game messages respectively... in addition to the problems others are having needing fix)

    ChatFilter (Does not function at all)

    NoRaidZones (Does not include protection against raid drill)

    PlayerRestrictions (On occasion, can not draw location data from whatever server it draws from)

    Reporting (Causes increasing amounts of chat lag as the chat log grows in size, when chat log feature is enabled. Also would be nice if PM Log was added to the core plugin instead of on the side.)

    CustomDeathMessages (No longer functions, messages for some death types were never fixed/added/updated. Had someone get it functioning for me, but he couldn't figure out how to fix the missing death messages)

    TimedPermissions (Plugin no longer seems to properly create folders/files for its functions)

    SafeTrade (No cooldown timer to prevent abuse/exploits/overuse when safezone is turned off)

    Meteors (Occasionally meteors never transform from their falling state to their ground state, causing them to be bugged and never go away until plugin reload or server restart.... additionally would be nice to be able to edit their speed and some other things like their explosion radius, explosion behavior, etc. I figured out how to change these in the CS file myself, but would be nice if it was easily adjustable in the config)

    AdminTools (can not call hook errors on many of its functions, even though the functions still seem to work properly)

    I will refine and add to this list as needed. Also note one of the people who has helped me hot fix some of these is already attempting to be a creator, I believe. He is the one that added Kanga to vehicle manager. Good guy.

    Edit - Also should mention that I do not remember EVERY plugin I grabbed a non-creator update from, so my list may actually be incomplete within the plugins I have actually used and tried.
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  3. k1lly0u

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    @Wulf, There are some plugins on that list that are still working and are not abandoned. Event - Deathmatch and TeamBattlefield are both still working properly.
    Also perhaps it would be a good idea to just remove some of the plugins that have multiple other versions?
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  4. Cataclysme

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    Yesterday i thinked to do a list same as you but i don't test all plugs for the moment.

    For my serv, i must finish all docs in French with config (lang finish but don't work cause dev don't put it on the code [see with mughisi])

    When i finish it, i try to learn how work Oxide and create/rework new/old plugin cause it's a pity the list of all plugins :/

    Just see for example adminmenu, when FlamingMojo do it, a lot of people loves it and "congrulate?" him but today, the plug is abandonned and useless..

    Same for AliasSystem, wonderful plugin for EU server such as my mine. Need update but don't have it..

    I want to finish all my works and i hope @Wulf can help me after :p or maybe Reneb in French.

    I'm very sorry to see this list..
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  5. Wulf

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    That's the plan. ;) Some of them got added because they've had questions in their support threads about issues with no replies, so questioned them.

    I'm sure developers appreciate words of encouragement, but sometimes their financial or living situation may take priority, and they often don't get that as much as they should be.
  6. Cataclysme

    Cataclysme Master Researcher

    No problem, i learn the C# after. I know dev in Python or JS (a little bit) but i see a lot of plugin in C# so i check this language to help you and other dev.

    I think with the different API you have, it's more easy to create plugin.
    When i have the time, i can check how to fix ChatHead and ServerRules for the beginning.
    I talk with Reneb but he's busy so i wait, i add you in my Steam Account maybe for have more help if you want ?

    Pending to learn C# i try to help Naked Wanderer and other for lighten devs :/

    Thanks all devs for your work
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  7. Wulf

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    C# may be the only language going forward, but we'll see. It certainly is the most used and supported in terms of features right now.

    I don't really use my Steam account except for testing games and playing games. ;)

    @SkinN õ.Õ'.|., @SouZa, @LaserHydra, and @Noviets any comments to the above?
  8. Noviets

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    AutoClean - I'll look into the shacks. It will take some time to figure out how to exlude items within a shack without doing something performance costly like checking for Shack within distance or something. I'm looking into it.

    Stacksize does need an update, the Default values are the default values, not sure what you mean by them being fixed?

    LootChests - Not a plugin I use myself, but I have a use for this in the future that I will be implementing a server, which should allow me to see any and all bugs as they arise. I'll look into the slot bug.

    AdminTools has been fixed, it was a typo error on a Log Config setting, so that NRE should be fixed now.
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  9. CaptainNebulous

    CaptainNebulous Shack Builder

    Well for example when you first load in Stacksize, arrows only stack to one when default I believe is 50. There's a couple others in there like that which are set to one but pretty sure should be more than one by default.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 18, 2016 ---
    PS I also do want to express my appreciation to these creators. They definitely know much more than I do with these plugins and I can only imagine the time that was put into creating them. I never want any criticisms of mine to be taken as an offense. That being said I also don't want this site and its plugins to die off... nor do I want to have my house set on fire by players when they stop working properly for long periods of time. I generally run between 1 and 2 dozen at a time on my server. Big fan of Oxide. Most plugins, when kept updated, run incredibly smoothly with one another, and that is amazing! But also not afraid to express my concerns and worries when they arise. It is never a case of "I don't realize they have lives too."

    One day I will be on the team. Still in CS training stages basically.
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  10. Cataclysme

    Cataclysme Master Researcher

    Hmm @Wulf maybe for game or Oxide but in my university we use Python for communication and c# for Pic component on emectronics card.

    No problem for Steam, but you know how can i talk with you for help Oxide ? We can talk about the forum too if you want and when i have learn how c# works with Oxide maybe i can fix the list;)
  11. Wulf

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    The forums are here for support, so feel free to ask questions in the Development sections. ;)
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  12. Cataclysme

    Cataclysme Master Researcher

    Thanks, Oxide and devs, i come for help you;)
  13. LaserHydra

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    Was a while since I last tested Timed Permissions. Wouldn't know why such issues would just appear out of noth8ng though.
    Also I am on vacation right now, so I don't have a possibility to work on plugins currently.
    I'd really appreciate if you published the fixes like the one you posted for BetterChat as an update wulf, no issue if not.
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  14. CaptainNebulous

    CaptainNebulous Shack Builder

    I should probably have mentioned it wouldn't really matter that it cleans out shacks if you could get the checks to carry over through server restarts... since most, including me, wouldn't have it set to clean less than 48 hours anyway.
  15. Noviets

    Noviets Master Researcher Plugin Developer

    Well if you placed a shack on the 47th hour, it would still remove the shack before the shack would decay naturally. I need to figure out how to exlude those areas from the AutoClean check as I agree the decay of 48 hours on them is fine, so I do not need to incorperate a second "shack" check list or anything. I have an idea I will be working on shortly, I have a few things keeping me busy at the moment.
  16. Cataclysme

    Cataclysme Master Researcher

    Sorry Laser i'm not sur but i believe see an error with BC or just is in the overview:
    /ignore and /unignore don't work (it's not a big problem it's just for warn you)
  17. CaptainNebulous

    CaptainNebulous Shack Builder

    I thought it only clears out stuff once a given item has reached the set number of checks though, so wouldn't every new item start out at 0 checks and still have to reach the # of checks desired before being cleaned?
  18. Noviets

    Noviets Master Researcher Plugin Developer

    So all of those issues should be fixed now. The only thing remaining is shacks with AutoClean.
    AdminTools, AutoClean, AreaNuke and Stacksize have been updated. Plus a few extra features on some :)
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  19. Kappasaurus

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    Private Messages | Oxide Universal & for Rust
    Code (Text):
    (20:26:39) | [Oxide] 17:26 [Error] PrivateMessages plugin failed to compile!
    (20:26:39) | [Oxide] 17:26 [Error] PrivateMessages.cs(142,42): error CS1061: Type `Oxide.Core.Libraries.Covalence.IPlayerManager' does not contain a definition for `GetConnectedPlayer' and no extension method `GetConnectedPlayer' of type `Oxide.Core.Libraries.Covalence.IPlayerManager' could be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?
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  20. Mughisi

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    As far as I know that plugin is maintained so this error should be posted in the plugin's thread and not here :)
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