Rusted Hatchet Custom Loot Table

LowC4, limited military weapons, tiered weapons/armor, balanced loot sources, longer games

Total Downloads: 1,165 - First Release: Jan 31, 2014 - Last Update: Feb 19, 2014

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  1. FuzzyWeasel
    Come see these tables in play at our server:
    F1 from the Rust main screen and type:

    Rusted Hatchet Realistic World (updated Feb 17 2014)

    Get ready for a server where you truly feel like you are a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world. Competition is fierce, resources are scarce, and hard decisions have to be made about where and how to spend those resources. Be prepared to ask yourself if that guy outside is worth the remaining ammo you have.

    The Rusted Hatchet loot tables and crafting restrictions seek to bring the Rust world into line with a more realistic and difficult survival scenario. Competition (and pvp) are still high and expected, but resources aren’t oozing from every bear and chest. Every loin-cloth wearing Bob in the field isn’t going to be toting a homemade M4 with a pile of ammo. All weapons are available, but you will feel like you have a real treasure when your hands are on an MP5A4 and a pile of 9mm Ammo. The expectation is that most players will be “relatively” safer in this configuration due to the strategic nature of hoarding resources.

    What we have unexpectedly found in testing is that groups of players coordinating their activities in a planned and strategic manner have a MUCH higher success rate with this setup than the standard game. Secondly… new players actually can stay alive long enough to get a foothold and start to learn. These two things make me the most happy.

    Important note about getting the complete config

    The details I list out below are dependant on two things. First… the LootSpawnLists addon with our modified loot tables config. Secondly is CraftingController with our modified configs. Those configs are posted separately on these pages (you are on one of them… get the other as well):

    Loot Table:

    Crafting Restrictions:

    Looting Goals and Concepts

    We have heavily modified the loot tables on our server in order to achieve several major goals. First, we want to slow down the pace of the game instead of the game being overwhelming for new players with no way to participate within a day following the server wipe. We also want to ease the drastic power curve of those who have access to craft C4 versus those who do not. Lastly, we want to encourage the use of all forms of resource gathering in the environment.

    All of this we want to accomplish while maintaining the survival feel of the game and a server that is challenging, competitive, and PVP to the core. We aren’t looking for “soft” mode - just a playing field that is more competitive for longer that doesn’t guarantee insta-death for new players.

    With those goals in mind, here are some of the high-level changes we’ve made:

    Tiered Loot

    Loot is broken into tiers, and rarity is relative to tier. We expect players to be using cloth armor, bows, and handmade weapons while living in wooden structures for the first part of the game. Quick access to pistols should be somewhat rare, and higher-end (military) weaponry very rare. However, focused work to build up to them makes them available.

    C4 Balance

    We left C4 craftable; however, explosives are not. Explosives drop at a high rate from Supply Drops and at a somewhat rare rate from AIs. Large groups of geared individuals will not be able to drum up mounds of C4 in a few hours. It will be a more scarce resource but still available to those willing to work for it. To that effect, the C4 Blueprint (BP) is only available in Supply Drops. Unless you are able to gear up or get lucky on the supply drops… you will never compete end-game.

    Four Sources of the Apocalypse

    We expect players and groups to be required to utilize all four resources available.
    1. Supply Drops
    2. Rad Zone Chests
    3. AI drops
    4. Resources in the field

    In order to balance those out, some loot is available only in a limited subset of locations.
    • Wood and Sulfur are ONLY available from the field.
    • BPs are ONLY available from Chests and Supply Drops.
    • Research Kits are ONLY available as a rare drop from AIs.
    • C4 BP is ONLY available from Supply Drops.
    • Tier 3 BPs are MUCH more common in Supply Drops, but available in chests.

    By balancing these things out some, we require players to shop around a bit to get what they desire. This also lessens the viability of a strategy like camping Large Civilian and keeping everyone away from most of the goods in the game. Keeping high-end items in Supply Drops forces players to engage in PvP to get everything.

    Rad Running

    A common tactic used on servers is zombie dodging or “rad running.” This involves running around a Rad Site like Large Civilian and dodging AIs while you hit chest after chest. Since AIs don’t path into buildings, looting is safe. With a couple pieces of Rad Suit gear, enough Anti-Rad Pills can be collected to run “loops” of the chests at that site until your inventory is completely full. BPs can be acquired very quickly, and the resources that can be gained are enormous - both with little to no risk. Our goal is to make other resources more competitive with rad running. To this effect, Anti-Rad Pills are only available from zombies and supply drops. The AIs don’t carry a ton, so even fully-suited rad runners will need to take breaks to lower their rad damage. The pills in the Supply Drops are just a perk that allow a good stint of rad running as a reward.


    One of the biggest frustrations for new players in the game today is getting gunned down as a naked noob running across a field, making it difficult to get started. Part of the reason is the extreme protection of the few good resource areas we are already trying to spread around, but also the fact that established players are gushing over with excess research kits, weapons, armor, and ammunition. We aim to make things more strategic and realistic by reducing the availability of ammunition generally. The goal is to make most naked noobs “not worth the ammo,” and to make raids and attacks costly. To this end 556 and shotgun shells are not craftable.

    Weapon Availability

    In addition to the changes to the C4 Explosives Charge we also tweaked the drop rate of all weapons. We expect craftable weapons will be used more frequently due to their much easier access compared to military grade weapons. The M4, MP5A4, and F1 Grenade are all uncraftable. They can all be found, but are quite rare. All of them are more likely to be found in Supply drops, but can all be found from AIs and weapon chests. Pistols and shotguns are also not extremely common, but are common enough to be used widely. 9mm ammo is craftable… leaving pistols the most likely weapon to be used by default.

    Silliness Fixes

    We attempted to correct some of the silly things we noticed. Mining picks no longer drop like crazy in Rad Sites, nor do the blood draw kits. Several previously unavailable items now drop from AIs and chests. Don’t get too excited…these are lower-tier items like Hatchets and Pipe Shotguns. Ammo is slightly more abundant and Metal Fragments are slightly less abundant from crates and AIs. Weapon Mods are less abundant than Weapons. BPs are always less abundant than the Weapons they make by a considerable amount (usually about 2 to 1).

    Crafting Resitrictions

    In order to match what we did on our server with restricting high end content a second addon is required to restrict crafting and researching some items. We configured the following:

    Can't research, but can craft. Only available from BP:
    • Explosive Charge (C4)

    Can’t Research or Craft:
    • Explosives
    • M4
    • MP5A4
    • F1 Grenade
    • 556 Ammo
    • Shotgun Shells
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