Rust Server Manager for Rust

Install / Update / Plugin Manager / AutoBackup / Much More!

Total Downloads: 4,670 - First Release: Jun 8, 2017 - Last Update: Dec 8, 2017 at 7:15 PM

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  1. 4.9

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  2. 4.7.1

  3. 4.6

    1. Added start server on RSM start (App settings).
    2. Fixed some users being able to add forbidden symbols when creating a new server.
    3. Added new menu items (Open Folder).
    4. Added steam group to links menu item.
    5. You can now minimize the OxideBrowser to the taskbar.
    6. Added Start with windows option (App Settings).
    7. Updater now gets downloaded over SSL.
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  4. 4.6

    1. Added Kill server (Risky Options)
    2. Added language editor. Buttons only for now.
    3. Added msg for steam group on start (Will only display once).
    4. Removed the @ symbol from the rcon pass generate because of some issues it was causing.
    5. Some small background changes.
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  5. 4.3

    1. Added a RSM updater.
    2. Removed some stuff.
    3. Added the option to delete a active server. (Located in Risky Options)
    4. Added a fix for RSM not removing the Rust font on cleanup for users using windows 7.
    5. Fixed the autobackup timer not freeing after being stopped.
    6. Added some stuff to the advanced server variables.

    1. I have not tested the new server variables. If some aren't working please report it.
    2. I have tested the RSM updater. If you have issues when updating please...
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