Rust Chat Logger for Rust

Output, transform and monitor your in-game chat through your browser! (works on vanilla & modded)

Total Downloads: 418 - First Release: Jun 4, 2016 - Last Update: Jul 12, 2016

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  1. Cayman Roe
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    As seen on Community update 89!

    This tool works with both vanilla and modded servers.

    This is how it works:
    1. Connect to your Rust FTP server.
    2. Download your server's chat log.
    3. Format it into HTML and highlight certain phrases
    4. Output the HTML/CSS file locally and (optionally) upload to your own personal web server/rust server website.
    5. Repeat over and over at a frequency of your choice.
    Some extra points:
    • It adds colours to the chat depending on the message content:
      • Yellow = Light swearing (nice for you sick control freak admins)
      • Red = Heavy swearing
      • Cyan = 'lag' mentioned
      • Green = 'admin' mentioned
    • It tells you how many of each warning there is (plus how many since the last refresh)
    • As long as you leave the application running, it will loop forever and keep your chat log updated, until you click stop.
    • You can click on any username in the chat log and it will load their Steam profile.
    • If you run a vanilla server and use this tool, it will remain vanilla and stay under the 'community servers' tab.
    Here is a sample page you can view and interact with (Steam IDs are made up).

    Ubuntu version: download here (Very untested but should work if your Ubuntu is fully updated. To use, navigate to file location in terminal and run: ./loggerLinux)
    Ubuntu version not currently working. With enough demand I will update as I can only find time to work on the Windows release currently.

    Beginners demonstration/tutorial (using an earlier version):