Plugin Updater for Rust

Updates every Oxide plugin ( to its latest version

Total Downloads: 557 - First Release: Sep 28, 2016 - Last Update: Oct 25, 2016

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  1. w4rgo
    • Python 2.7.
    • Python module requests.
    1. Get python 2.7.X from Download Python
    2. Install requests module with python PIP (pip install requests)
    3. This is not a plugin, it should not go into your plugin folder as Oxide will try to load it an give errors. Call it from anywhere else defining a proper path to your plugins folder.
    How to run:
    python plugin_updater -pluginDir "YOUR/OXIDE/PLUGIN/DIR" -login "OXIDEORG-LOGIN" -password "OXIDEORG-PASSWORD"

    • Only works with plugins that define ResourceId.
    • For now only supports C#, lua and python plugins.
    Source: GitHub - w4rgo/oxide-plugin-updater
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