Plugin Updater (Windows) for Rust

Download, extract, drop it in your plugin folder, run, Voila!

  1. 0.5.6

    Python support implemented
  2. 0.5.5

    Lua support implemented
  3. 0.5.4

    done in this version:
    • Fixed a crash when server returning 502 bad gateway
    • Rewrite of regex parsing Info attribute.
    • Successfull 10 tests in a row with 28 plugins at one go which have both included and missing ResourceID to debug for any errors that may occure.

  4. 0.5.3

    Added in this version:
    • Arguments
      • --force true/false
      • --suppressReport true/false
  5. 0.5.2

    Added in this version:
    • Version check. Downloads only if newer.
    • Fixed crash at startup where the log file is pointed to before it is created.