1. Auto install/update/backup/run for Rust and Oxide

  2. RCON Web Admin as a powerful web interface to control your RCON server.

  3. Efficient RCON tool to manage your server and its players (written in C++)

  4. Updates every Oxide plugin (www.oxidemod.org) to its latest version

  5. Output, transform and monitor your in-game chat through your browser! (works on vanilla & modded)

  6. A simple Rust server batch script generator.

  7. Create a startup script very simply without having to know a lot.

  8. Manage your Rust server through RCON and FTP from one app. Telegram RCON bot included.

  9. Update RustServer+Oxide & install/update plugins in Linux easily.

  10. Provides a colorful kill feed for vanilla servers through websocket RCON

  11. Server utility made exclusively for Oxide powered Rust Servers.

  12. Download, extract, drop it in your plugin folder, run, Voila!