1. Send messages to individual players with console commands

  2. Use a chat/console command to check current collider count and the *estimated* days to wipe!

  3. Gain access to any locked object with permissions

  4. Sharing doors with friends via the tool cupboard.

  5. Easily reset/replenish loot in storage boxes and containers after a certain amount of time.

  6. Stop defenders from despawning their loot

  7. Custom chat system for public and local chat

  8. The sky presents the newest technology in calling the MEDIC!

  9. Reward your players for play time with new permissions/usergroups

  10. The horn of plenty! Spawn extra crates, barrels, nodes, animals, etc. randomly on the map

  11. Allows players with permission to become truly invisible

  12. Blocks players from building in rocks