1. Allows player to level up 5 different skills (Mining, Woodcutting, Crafting, Skinning, Aquire)

  2. Restarter with realtime support and automated checks/reboots on new Devblogs/OxideBuilds

  3. The "Next Level" of a fancy airdrop-toolset

  4. Protects sleeping players from being killed by animals

  5. Can change magazines, ammo and conditon for most projectile weapons

  6. A save location bridge to support a better map save revision

  7. Can Increase the speed of all BaseOven types

  8. Quickly upgrade your base!

  9. A complete re-implementation of the drop system

  10. Remover tool

  11. Automatically removes entities created by inactive users

  12. Displays direction and distance to corpse after respawn or on command