1. Official x 6
  2. Extensions x 7
  3. Plugins x 938
  4. Tools x 30
  1. Blocks raiding after wipe

  2. Allows control over research speed.

  3. Configurable logging of chat, commands, connections, and more

  4. Allows players to have Backpacks which provides them extra inventory space.

  5. Gives players money through Economics/ServerRewards for various actions (gathering, animal kills)

  6. Sends a configured message to a user when they place a tool cupboard

  7. Adds the option to set off C4 manually without a timer

  8. Pays players money via Economics for playing on your server

  9. A simple plugin to add XP and levels in the game

  10. Allows admin to control when damage can be done by non-owner players to using local server time.

  11. Building and entity removal tool

  12. Prevent building in blocked area.