1. Official x 6
  2. Extensions x 7
  3. Plugins x 877
  4. Tools x 30
  1. Plugin Runnung Man

  2. Install your server with a click and configure it with a GUI. Manage your plugins easily

  3. Control gather rates by day and night with permissions

  4. Ban an entire clan with one command!

  5. Allows players with permission to use various different custom arrow types

  6. Command based weather that realisticly rolls in & out.

  7. Removes all entities placed by a player when they get banned.

  8. Dangerous event with treasure chests.

  9. Toggle on/off staff mode

  10. 1v1 dueling event.

  11. Copy and paste your buildings to save them or move them

  12. Rewards players on karma on kill, or takes karma away from them