1. Official x 6
  2. Extensions x 7
  3. Plugins x 916
  4. Tools x 30
  1. Spawns new AI bots around monuments

  2. A machine that automatically crafts items so the player can do more interesting stuff instead.

  3. Clear your chat with the /clear command

  4. Modifies the gather rate from certain tools

  5. Usable magic carpets!

  6. The place to put those thiefs and rulebreakers!

  7. Modify the loot tables for unwrapping presents

  8. A simple plugin to add XP and levels in the game

  9. Add races to your server

  10. Pipes that automatically transfer items between boxes, furnaces, turrets, quarries, etc.

  11. System warnings for administrators!

  12. Install / Update / Plugin Manager / AutoBackup / Much More!