Zones Manager for Rust

Advanced zone manager for creating in-game zones

Total Downloads: 14,614 - First Release: Apr 3, 2015 - Last Update: Jun 18, 2017

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  1. 2.4.20

    Removed permissions "zonemanager.canbuild" and "zonemanager.candeploy"
    Added new permissions "zonemanager.ignoreflag.<zoneflag>" which can be assigned to players to ignore any zone flag. ex. "zonemanager.ignoreflag.nobuild" will allow players with that permission to build in a nobuild zone, "zonemanager.ignoreflag.noshop" will allow players with that permission to shop in a noshop zone

    Added additional pickup types to the NoPickup flag
    Added additional responses when a player tries to do...
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  2. 2.4.19

    Hook addition

    Code (Text):

    (string[]) GetPlayerZoneIDs(BasePlayer player) // Returns a string[] of IDs for zones the specified player is currently in, or null if none found
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  3. 2.4.18

    Added API method EntityHasFlag(BaseEntity entity, string zoneFlag) to allow plugins to check if a entity is within a zone that has the specified flag
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  4. 2.4.17

    Fixed nodecay flag
    Fixed npcfreeze flag
    Added some null checks to try and fix the ResourceDispenser error I saw a few pages back
    Added optional argument for the "rotation" command for rectangle zones (BuildingWrapper support)
    Added a config option for PopupNotifications support
    Updated the overview
  5. 2.4.12

    rust update
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