UiPlus for Rust

Adds customizable UI elements containing; active players, maximum slots, sleeping players, and time.

Total Downloads: 7,131 - First Release: Aug 20, 2016 - Last Update: Aug 28, 2016

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  1. Absolut
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    UiPlus is a plugin focusing on adding information for the user in a non-intrusive interface based on the interface by the developers already present in the game.

    CloseUp_DayTime.png CloseUp_NightTime.png

    The plugin adds the possibility for enabling several highly customizable panels:
    • Active players
      • Able to reflect the current amount of players on the server, and the maximum amount of players able to join at once.
    • Sleeping players
      • Able to reflect the current amount of players sleeping on the server.
    • Clock
      • Able to reflect the current in-game time down to the seconds. It also allows to switch between a 12 hour and 24 hour format.

    For more information please visit the Github repository, it hopefully includes all the information you need. In the case that was a lie feel free to ask me.

    • Improve readability of the configuration file.
    • Add player coordinates.
    • Add player facing direction.
    • Add an icon indicating helicopter alerts.
    • Add an icon indicating radiation alerts.
    • Add an icon indicating airdrop alerts.
    As always feel free to make suggestions as I am always interested in making improvements.


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