StaffRoster for Hurtworld

Shows the staff roster and availability

Total Downloads: 658 - First Release: Aug 3, 2016 - Last Update: Nov 13, 2017 at 9:53 AM

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  1. Noviets
    Configuration File:
    • /staff - Displays online staff members and their availability
    • /staff (available|afk|busy|offduty) - Change your status
    Code (Javascript):
      "stafflist": "Current Staff online are:",
      "mod": "<color=blue>{Mod}</color>",
      "admin": "<color=red>{Admin}</color>",
      "available": "<color=green>Available</color>",
      "busy": "<color=orange>Busy</color>",
      "offduty": "<color=red>Off Duty</color>",
      "nopermission": "StaffRoster: Only staff members are able to use this command.",
      "playerchangedstatus": "{Player} has changed their Status to: {Status}",
      "afkcmd": "afk",
      "availablecmd": "available",
      "busycmd": "busy",
      "offdutycmd": "offduty",
      "afk": "<color=yellow>AFK</color>",
      "invalidstatusmsg": "StaffRoster: Invalid Status. ({available}, {afk}, {busy}, {offduty})",
      "helper": "<color=green>{Helper}</color>"
    Important Note:
    This plugin uses the Admin permission when using "addadmin" and Permission groups "Admin" and "Moderator" to check staff roles.

    To use those permission groups simply add the staff member with:
    /usergroup add PlayerName Moderator
    /usergroup add PlayerName Admin (If they are added as an admin with "addadmin" you do not need to do this one)

    Having permission groups makes it much easier when dealing with multiple staff members, as you can grant permissions to the group and add/remove players from the group instead of having to add the same permissions to several players individually.