Stack Size Controller for Rust

Allows you to set the max stack size of every item.

Total Downloads: 39,557 - First Release: Jun 29, 2015 - Last Update: Jan 15, 2016

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  1. AnExiledGod
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    Any feedback is welcome, whether it be ideas and suggestions, bug reports, or just to tell me I coded it wrong. Tell me what I did wrong, and I'll fix it. Want something new? If I can do it I will.

    • This plugin was created because the other Stack Sizes plugin is no longer being managed (as far as I can tell) and has a lot of confusion around the Config file. Something this plugin eliminates.
    • Shout out to the ItemConfig plugin which helped me get a list of all game items.
    • Even though all items are in the config, some won't stack, usually things with a durability, such as Assault Rifles, this is unavoidable.
    • Some item names have a /n in them, this is intentional, DO NOT change any item names, or that will break the item stacking.
    • Stacks over 65536 will split partially when you move them in your inventory, this is a Rust bug, and I have spent over 4 hours looking into a solution and it is simply beyond my reach.
    • Allows you to set the stack size of every item in the game.
    • Grabs all items and puts it into the config file automatically. (No adding items manually!)
    • On update, new items are added automatically without a need to reset the config file. (No updating or resetting the config, woo!)
    • /stack item_short_name stacksize (EX: /stack ammo_rocket_hv 64)
    • /stackall 65000 (Sets the stack size to 65000)
    • Console command "stack" and "stackall" also work same way as the above.
    • stacksizecontroller.canChangeStackSize - Allows user to use /stack and /stackall in-game. (Admins have access automatically)
    To-Do List
    • Open to suggestions.