Player Challenges for Rust

Allows titles to be set when certain criteria are met, with a UI Leader board

Total Downloads: 2,949 - First Release: Nov 11, 2015 - Last Update: Jun 18, 2017

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    ** This plugin was originally created by Smoosher. If you like his work consider donating to him here -> Online Payment, Merchant Account - PayPal <- and if you like my work you can hit that 'Support the Developer' button!

    This plugin will allow you to keep track of various statistics and set Titles to players when certain criteria have been met or when they are a leader of something.

    At current there are 20 different categories each with their own tag that can be changed in the config.
    • Animal kills [Hunter]
    • Bow kills [Archer]
    • Clothes crafted [Tailor]
    • Headshots [Assassin]
    • Plants Gathered [Farmer]
    • Players healed [Medic]
    • Players killed [Murderer]
    • Melee kills [Fighter]
    • Revolver kills [Gunslinger]
    • Rockets fired [Rocketeer]
    • Ore gathered [Miner]
    • Blade kills [Swordsman]
    • Structures built [Architect]
    • Structures repaired [Handyman]
    • Explosives thrown [Bomb-tech]
    • Weapons crafted [Gunsmith]
    • Wood gathered [Lumberjack]
    • Quests completed [Adventurer]
    • PVP Kill distance [Sniper]
    • PVE Kill distance [Deadshot]
    Each different category can be toggled on/off in the config. By default as soon as somebody tops the leader board they will be issued the appropriate tag. This can be swapped out for a timer based system in the config.

    Tags can be stacked, if a player is good enough it is possible for him/her to take every tag

    This plugin integrates in with BetterChat if you use it. To display player titles in chat you must have BetterChat 5.0.0 or higher!

    Oxide Groups
    Since the API has changed in BetterChat there are no longer oxide groups created by it for each title type. Now you have the option to have this plugin create oxide groups for each challenge type. If enabled when a player takes a title from another the old player will be removed from the group and the new player will be added. This may be useful for some who wish to grant certain permissions to various title holders, however, it is de-activated by default as I imagine there are not many users who will use this feature

    Head shots will override any specific weapon kills. If you get a head shot with a revolver you will get a point towards head shots and will not receive a point for revolver kill

    /pc - Opens the leader board which will display the top 25 users from each category
    /pc_wipe - Wipes all player statistics
    pc_wipe - Same as above but in console


    How to manage the various settings for each challenge type
    Code (Text):
    "AnimalKills": {
          "Enabled": true,
          "Priority": 5,
          "Title": "Hunter",
          "UIPosition": 0
    The first line is the challenge type, do NOT change this
    Enabled : This will activate/deactivate this challenge type. Disabling this will also disable it in the UI
    Priority : This is only relevant when you have set a maximum number of titles to be shown in chat. If for example a player has 5 titles and you have the maximum set to 2 this will prioritize which titles will be displayed
    Title : This is the text of the title that will be displayed in chat
    UIPosition : This is the position in which the challenge type will be displayed on the leader board (UI)

    **Note** When changing Priority or UIPosition, your numbers though out all the challenge types must be consecutive! If you double or skip a number this will cause issues. The UI will disable itself if it detects your have done this and a message will be printed to console

    Code (C#):

    "ChallengeSettings": {
        "AnimalKills": { // Challenge type (Do not change)
          "Enabled": true, // Enables/Disables this challenge type
          "Priority": 5, // Tag priority
          "Title": "Hunter", // Tag title
          "UIPosition": 0 // Position this challenge is displayed in the UI
        "ArrowKills": {
          "Enabled": true,
          "Priority": 11,
          "Title": "Archer",
          "UIPosition": 1
        "BladeKills": {
          "Enabled": true,
          "Priority": 9,
          "Title": "BladeKillsman",
          "UIPosition": 16
        "ClothesCrafted": {
          "Enabled": true,
          "Priority": 19,
          "Title": "Tailor",
          "UIPosition": 3
        "ExplosivesThrown": {
          "Enabled": true,
          "Priority": 10,
          "Title": "Bomb-tech",
          "UIPosition": 4
        "Headshots": {
          "Enabled": true,
          "Priority": 1,
          "Title": "Assassin",
          "UIPosition": 5
        "MeleeKills": {
          "Enabled": true,
          "Priority": 3,
          "Title": "Fighter",
          "UIPosition": 8
        "PlantsGathered": {
          "Enabled": true,
          "Priority": 17,
          "Title": "Harvester",
          "UIPosition": 9
        "PlayersHealed": {
          "Enabled": true,
          "Priority": 18,
          "Title": "Medic",
          "UIPosition": 6
        "PlayersKilled": {
          "Enabled": true,
          "Priority": 2,
          "Title": "Murderer",
          "UIPosition": 7
        "PVEKillDistance": {
          "Enabled": true,
          "Priority": 6,
          "Title": "Deadshot",
          "UIPosition": 10
        "PVPKillDistance": {
          "Enabled": true,
          "Priority": 4,
          "Title": "Sniper",
          "UIPosition": 11
        "QuestsCompleted": {
          "Enabled": true,
          "Priority": 20,
          "Title": "Adventurer",
          "UIPosition": 19
        "RevolverKills": {
          "Enabled": true,
          "Priority": 7,
          "Title": "Gunslinger",
          "UIPosition": 13
        "RocketsFired": {
          "Enabled": true,
          "Priority": 8,
          "Title": "Rocketeer",
          "UIPosition": 14
        "RocksGathered": {
          "Enabled": true,
          "Priority": 16,
          "Title": "Miner",
          "UIPosition": 15
        "StructuresBuilt": {
          "Enabled": true,
          "Priority": 12,
          "Title": "Architect",
          "UIPosition": 2
        "StructuresRepaired": {
          "Enabled": true,
          "Priority": 13,
          "Title": "Handyman",
          "UIPosition": 12
        "WeaponsCrafted": {
          "Enabled": true,
          "Priority": 14,
          "Title": "Gunsmith",
          "UIPosition": 17
        "WoodGathered": {
          "Enabled": true,
          "Priority": 15,
          "Title": "Lumberjack",
          "UIPosition": 18
      "Colors": {
        "MSG_ColorMain": "<color=orange>",
        "MSG_ColorMsg": "<color=#939393>",
        "TitleColor": "<color=#88E188>" // The color of the title shown in chat
      "Options": {
        "AnnounceNewLeaders": false, // Annouce new leaders to global chat
        "IgnoreAdmins": true, // Disable scoring for admins
        "IgnoreSleepers": true, // Ignore sleeper kills
        "MaximumTags": 2, // The maximum amount of tags to be shown in chat
        "SaveTimer": 600,
        "UpdateTimer": 168, // The time (in hours) the titles will be updated (if UseUpdateTimer)
        "UseBetterChat": true, // Activate titles
        "UseOxideGroups": false, // Creates oxide user groups for each title and adds the current title holder to that group
        "UseUpdateTimer": false // Disables titles being transferred when a player beats a score. Instead only updates titles once every (UpdateTimer) hours