Notifier for Rust

Server administration tool with chat based notifications

Total Downloads: 23,036 - First Release: Apr 3, 2015 - Last Update: Jul 24, 2016

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    A really useful tool for server admins with various chat based features for advertisement and player/server basic information, known for its simplicity and customization.

    [ FEATURES ]
    • JOIN & LEAVE MESSAGES - Know players join or leave your server
    • ADVERTS MESSAGES - Use the as advertisements messages every X minutes in the chat
    • SCHEDULED MESSAGES- Schedule messages announcing server restarts or events about to start
    • MESSAGE OF THE DAY - Leave daily messages to your players
    • WELCOME MESSAGE - A multi-line message to welcome players to the server
    • PLAYERS LIST - Know who is playing in the server
    • ADMINS LIST - Let your players know who are the Admins so they can call you
    • HIDE ADMINS - Dynamic system that hides all Admins references so players don't know who they are
    • RULES - A multi-language and dynamic system, which automatically sends the rules on the player language
    • SIMPLE COLOR FORMAT - Color your messages easily with a simplified system based on the HTML code
    * Hide Admins feature will only protect Admins identity on Notifier's messages & features, and not from third party plugins.

    • In order for any configuration changes take effect in game you must reload the plugin. Simply type oxide.reload Notifier in your server's console.
    • You may find and change all plugin messages in Notifier's file under the Lang folder of your server
    • Make sure you respect the configuration's file quotation marks, commas, braces, square brackets and line indentation, or else you may cause plugin malfunctions. For further help validate your file in
    • For more information of Notifier's features please check the F.A.Q
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