No Raid Zones for Hurtworld

Create easily zones which blocks the usage of C4 or a Drill

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  1. Swat1801
    Configuration File:
    No Raid Zones allows you to define zones where players can't use C4 or Drills.

    How exactly does it work/do you use it?
    Simply stand in the cell ( a place which is surrounded by the blue dots) you want to protect and type /nrz add Example. No Raid Zones will automatically create a cluster of all connected cells which are owned by you and protect them all.

    Wich features are going to be added?
    I am not going to do plugin updates atm because when itemv2 comes out the plugin will be broken but when it comes it this is what's cumming up!
    • No raiding server wipe
    • No raiding stake (No need to be written in the stake optional)
    • Anti dynamite
    • Invisible wall (Player's can't enter any raid-zone if they aren't written in the stake), Don't know if this is going to be possible but i hope so :)
    /nrz add <zone>

    Adds a new zone.

    /nrz remove <zone>
    Removes the specific zone.

    /nrz update <zone>
    Updates the specific zone. This should be used if you add or remove stakes in a zone.

    /nrz list
    Shows all your zones.

    /nrz help
    Lists all available commands.

    /grant group admin noraidzones.use

    Add Extra Cell Layer

    Add surrounding cells without a stake to the zone for extra protection.

    Auto Fill Stakes
    Automatically fill all the stakes in the zone.

    Refund C4
    Give back the C4 to the player which got automatically destroyed.

    Show Notification
    Shows a notification to players which enter the zone.

    Config file
    Code (Javascript):
      "Settings": {
        "Add Extra Cell Layer": true,
        "Auto Fill Stakes": true,
        "Refund C4": false,
        "Show Notification": true
    Language file
    Code (Javascript):
      "Misc - No Permission": "You don't have the permission to use this command.",
      "Misc - Help": "Unknown command, type '{name}' to list all available commands.",
      "Misc - Syntax": "Syntax: {syntax}",
      "Misc - Commands": "Commands: \n{commands}",
      "Zone - Not Found": "Couldn't find the cell.",
      "Zone - Not Owned": "You don't own this cell.",
      "Zone - Already": "This cell is already part of another zone.",
      "Zone - Added": "You have created the zone '{name}'. Its {count} cells big.",
      "Zone - Removed": "You have removed the zone '{name}'.",
      "Zone - Unknown": "The zone '{name}' couldn't be found.",
      "Zone - List": "Zones:\n{names}",
      "Zone - Exists": "You already have a zone named '{name}'.",
      "Zone - None": "You don't have any zones yet.",
      "Zone - Updated": "You have updated the zone '{name}'. Its now {count} cells big.",
      "Zone - Raid": "The player '{player}' tried to raid '{name}'.",
      "Zone - Notification": "No Raid Zone",
      "Zone - Auto Removed": "You don't own this cell for '{name}' anymore and therefore got removed."