MoneyTime for Rust

Pays players money via Economics for playing on your server

Total Downloads: 2,094 - First Release: Mar 12, 2015 - Last Update: Nov 18, 2015

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    Required Dependencies:
    Configuration File:
    MoneyTime pays players money via Economics for playing on your server. It is useful to encourage playtime, and give something extra to your players for playing! The default payout is $10 every 600 seconds (10 minutes). You can also configure a time alive bonus (default 2x time alive) and welcome bonus (default $500) in the configuration.

    You can configure the settings and messages in the MoneyTime.json file under the server/<identity>/oxide/config directory.

    Default Configuration
    Code (Text):
      "BasePayout": 10.0,
      "PayoutInterval": 600,
      "ReceivedForPlaying": "You've received ${amount} for actively playing!",
      "ReceivedForTimeAlive": "You've received ${amount} for staying alive for {time}!",
      "ReceivedWelcomeBonus": "You've received ${amount} as a welcome bonus!",
      "TimeAliveBonus": true,
      "TimeAliveMultiplier": 2.0,
      "WelcomeBonus": 500.0
    • Spiritwind, for the original MoneyTime for Economics plugin in Lua.
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