LustyMap for Rust

In-game Map and Minimap GUI

Total Downloads: 19,517 - First Release: Sep 8, 2015 - Last Update: Jul 17, 2016

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    Configuration File:
    NOTIFICATION: This plugin is no longer being developed or supported
    Due to other commitments at present I can no longer dedicate sufficient time to continue to develop or support LustyMap at this time.

    IMPORTANT: Requires the map and icon images to be added the the oxide data folder on the server (details below)
    LustyMap is a small plugin that adds an in-game Map and Minimap.

    The plugin has two modes, the simple mode (default) uses a single image for the map and minimap, the complex mode uses a sliced up version of the map to allow for a zoomed in minimap.

    Map and Icon Images
    If you have rustio installed you can get your map image from typing <serverip>:<port>/map.jpg into your browser.
    Alternativly you can use playrusthq to generate a map for your seed Generate Map | PlayRust HQ - Rust News, Server List, Map Generator & Map Gallery

    Download the following zip file and extract it to a temporary location

    Replace the map.jpg with your map.

    If you do not want to use the complex mode skip to the Upload Images to Server section.

    Complex Mode
    The complex mode (zoomed in minimap) uses a series of chopped up map images to provied a zoomed in view.
    I have created a small console app which will automatically take your map.jpg file and split it up into the required images.
    Run the MapSplitter.exe that is included with the above download, once the console window disappears check the map32x32, map26x26, map12x12 & map6x6 folders and you should see the split up image of your map.

    Set the map mode to true:
    /map mode <true|false> - Enables or Disables complex mode (default is disabled)

    For reference there is an Icons folder which contains the icons for the monument markers, heli, plane etc... and these can be replaced with your own custom ones if you wish.

    Upload Images to Server
    Once you have all the images ready copy the entire LustyMap folder over to the server's Oxide\Data folder, should be similar to this:

    Once these have been uploaded you can load the plugin, if you already have the plugin loaded type /map images this will force the image cache to be updated and you should now see the minimap and map.

    Accessing the Map
    Players can press M to open the in game map (pressing M again will close it) (this can be changed using the keybind command below).
    Players can hide the minimap using the <<< button located at the top right of the minimap (then >>> to open it back up)

    Admin Commands
    /map keybind <key>
    - Sets the Keybind used to toggle the Map

    /map mode <true|false> - Enables or Disables complex mode (default is disabled)

    /map minimap <true|false|left|right> - Enables, disables or sets the default alignment for the minimap. (default is enabled, left)

    /map startopen <true|false> - Sets if the minimap starts in open or collapsed mode when a player joins the server (default is open)

    /map compass <true|false> - Enables or Disables the minimap compass (heading and position text, default is enabled)

    /map showmonuments <true|false> - Enables or Disables Monuments from showing on the Map & Minimap

    /map showcaves <true|false> - Enables or Disables Caves from showing on the Map & Minimap (Monuments needs to be Enabled).

    /map showplane <true|false> - Enables or Disables Airplanes from showing on the Map & Minimap

    /map showheli <true|false> - Enables or Disables Helicopters from showing on the Map & Minimap

    /map showsupply <true|false> - Enables or Disables Supply Drops from showing on the Map & Minimap

    /map showdebris <true|false> - Enables or Disables Helicopter Debris from showing on the Map & Minimap

    /map images - Reloads the Image cache (use if you have changed any of the images since the plugin has loaded).

    /map addimage <filename> - Adds a custom image to the Image cache (filename is without the extension, image need to be .png file, image ratio should be 1:1 (square), images need to go inside the custom folder: oxide\data\LustyMap\custom\<yourimage>.png).

    /map removeimage <filename> - Removes a custom image from the Image cache (does not delete the file, just the reference in the plugin).

    /map add <name> (optional)<filename>- Adds a new location to the map (uses your location), (optional)can spesify a custom icon (need to of added it via the addimage command above). You can use spaces in the name by using quotes, e.g. /map add "Server Shop"

    /map remove <name> - Removes a custom location from the map.

    /map rustiofriends <true|false> - Enables or Disables the plugin from using RustIO's Friend list to display Players locations to each other.

    /map friendsapifriends <true|false> - Enables or Disables FriendsAPI Friends from showing on the map and mnimap for players.

    /map admin - Toggles Admin View On/Off (allows you to see all player on the map)