LootChests for Hurtworld

Spawns storage chests with set loot across the map

Total Downloads: 2,356 - First Release: Jan 29, 2016 - Last Update: Jul 17, 2017

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  1. Noviets
    Configuration File:
    This plugin will spawn x number of chests around the map with random loot that you define. Loot boxes will automatically despawn at the configured despawn time.

    You can change the spawn location, radius etc if you want it to be more localized to a specific area. (Right now they can spawn on most of the map)

    /lootchests add ItemID Amount
    /lootchests remove ItemID
    /lootchests save
    /lootchests time


    How to use:
    To add items to the list, use: /lootchest add ItemID Amount.
    Or if you know what you are doing you can edit the data file ItemList.json directly located in oxide/data/LootChests/. I added a save command just for this purpose (It actually saves everything).

    Default spawn time is 2 hours.
    Default despawn time is 30 minutes.

    Code (Text):

      "ChestSpawnCount": 20,
      "DestroyOnEmpty": true,
      "ItemsPerChest": 1,
      "SecondsForSpawn": 7200,
      "SecondsTillDestroy": 1800,
      "ShowDespawnMessage": true,
      "ShowSpawnMessage": true,
      "SpawnRadius": 3000.0,
      "StartPoints": [
      "-3000, 450, -3000"
      "UseWeaponsCrateMod": false


    If you make any changes to the config, you need to /reload LootChests
    Chests will not spawn on top of Buildings, Roads, NoBuild areas or Cliffs.

    Feel free to hit that purple button :) >>
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