Configurable logging of chat, commands, connections, and more

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  1. Wulf
    Configuration File:
    Logger provides configurable logging for chat messages, chat commands, console commands, and player respawns. Each type of logging can be enabled/disabled via the configuration file. Logs are stored under the oxide/logs folder.


    You can configure the settings in the Logger.json file under the oxide/config directory.
    Code (Javascript):
      "Command Exclusions": [
      "Log Chat (true/false)": false,
      "Log Commands (true/false)": true,
      "Log Connections (true/false)": true,
      "Log Disconnections (true/false)": true,
      "Log Respawns (true/false)": false,
      "Log to Console (true/false)": true

    The default messages are located in the Logger.en.json under the oxide/lang directory. Language files are also available for French, German, Russian, and Spanish. To add support for another language, create a new language folder (ex. de for German), copy the default language file to the new folder, and then customize the messages.
    Code (Javascript):
      "Command": "{0} ({1}) ran command: {2} {3}",
      "Connected": "{0} ({1}) connected from {2}",
      "Disconnected": "{0} ({1}) disconnected",
      "Respawned": "{0} ({1}) respawned at {2}"
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